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Connecting with people through food

My mission in life seems to be to make people happy through food. You know that old saying: “The fastest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” Well, when I was much younger, I think I tried to prove that theory to be true! Long before I decided to pursue a culinary career, […]

Smart Balance 50/50 Baking Sticks Test: Take 2

Recently, I tested a new product for baking: Smart Balance 50/50 butter blend sticks. These sticks are a combination of 50% Smart Balance spread and 50% butter. The benefit to baking with Smart Balance sticks is that they contain 28% less saturated fat and 50% less cholesterol than butter (according to the Smart Balance web […]

When life gives you lemons (or peaches!), . . . go to Graeter’s!

It is fresh peach season in Ohio now, and I absolutely LOVE fresh peaches! I can never get enough. About 2 week ago, I bought a half-peck of Red Haven peaches from an orchard in Mount Vernon, OH. As it turned out, the peaches all ripened at the same time, leaving me with more peaches […]

my first food memory

my first food memory

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When I was a student in cooking school, one of my assignments was to write an essay answering a number of questions about my food experiences to try to see what influenced me to pursue a career […]

My own baking experiments & results

Phew! I’m glad I made it through last week! I spent so much time in the kitchen baking and cooking for various community events that I thought it would NEVER end!

First, I made cupcakes as a way of saying “thank you” to all the families who helped me throughout the school year volunteering with […]