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Foil vs. Paper Cupcake/Muffin Liners

Robyn asks: I’m making butterfly cakes for my daughter’s engagement party, so I bought some pretty aluminum foil cases. When I opened the packet, I discovered each foil case has a separate paper liner sitting inside it.  There was no mention of the paper cases on the packaging.

Do I leave the foil case on the outside when I’m baking the cupcakes in the paper cases, or do I take the foil off, put them aside and reassemble after baking the cakes? Thanks for your help.

Baking S.O.S. says: If you purchased Reynolds brand foil liners, the thin paper liners in between the foil liners are merely separators and can be discarded.  You can bake directly in the foil liners.

Other brands of foil liners may contain an inner-layer of paper liner, and it is perfectly fine to bake the batter in the paper-foil combination liners; however, the foil liner may have a tendency to separate from the paper liner once the cakes are baked.

I think your best solution is to bake directly in the foil liners and discard the paper separators. Good luck!

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