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Why Do Cupcake Liners Always Look Dark & Brown After Baking?

Samantha says: I keep experiencing the same problem when I make cupcakes: When I take them out of the oven, the papers that you are supposed to put them in to keep them from sticking always look brown or burnt. I like the colors that are on the papers. How can I keep them from burning??????

Baking S.O.S. says: Unfortunately, the paper cupcake liners will always look brown or even burned after baking–there is no way to avoid it due to the high heat of the oven and the fact that the paper liners absorb some of the oils from the cake batter, making them a bit “greasy” and darkening the decorative patterns.

If you would like the paper liners to look fresh and clean after baking, I would suggest placing a new cupcake liner over the outside of the old ones.

A new trend in cupcakes seems to be decorative cupcake “wrappers” such as these I found at kitchenkrafts.com.  I have seen similar cupcake wrappers at my local cake supply store.  These are a little more costly, but they make for a nice presentation, and they solve that ever-present problem of cupcake liners that look dark and burned.

I hope that helps!

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