I have a 2009 Mitsubishi Galant everytime it rains real heavy the back seats get wet not soaking wet but just wet I cannot feel any water coming in between headliner and the back window. Having your motorhome's powered entrance steps stop operating is one of the problems that motorhome owners will run into. Keep me posted on what happens and if you have any other questions before you bring it in I'll be right here :). If the AC drain (located on the front passenger floor near the firewall) is clogged, it will leak onto the front floor and flow into the back. • The truck only has 35,000 miles on it and is looking brand new. Those seals are not designed to keep out water, rather they have a drain in each corner to drain the water. Question: My daughter has a 2008 Nissan rogue and has had it for ten months, just recently it has water in the driver's floorboard and the back passenger floorboard behind the driver's seat, how do I find out where the water is coming from? Answer: Check out this video, I found several leaks in the seam sealer near the roof run channels https://youtu.be/5bGCaQlBJRc. to date i have resealed the bottom of the windshield and cleaned out the drains under the wiper cowl. The air conditioner is among the most common reasons for water leaking into cars. I pour water in and some make it to the ground behind the tire, but it seems as though more ends up in the headliner at the corner of the windshield. This article will explain how they operate and how you can avoid future problems. There again, by accelerating the car, water can work from the front to the back of the car… Why could this be? Eddie Carrara (author) from New Hampshire on May 01, 2019: Let me know if you have any questions Ezzy72. Let me know if you find anything, if not, we can dig a little deeper. • Someone has already used a Polyurethane caulk at many of the seams under the rubber mat. I checked the water flow of the Sunroof on all four sides and they drain just fine. If the drain is clogged, water will leak under the carpet and find its way into the back seat floor area. Answer: If water never entered the vehicle there should be no need to worry, outside antennas are made for the weather, even if they are broken. You can make a profit of $1000 or more on a car if you know what to look for and how to drive down the price when buying. Answer: Water is leaking in from under your glove box because you either have an evaporator drain that is clogged, or you have some other leak. I have a 2007 Kia Rio that recently began pooling water under the driver seat when it rains. The car will have to idle sometimes up to 24 hours to completely dry the interior. • A little water is collecting under the gasket of the engine cover at the floor. You can vacuum up the water with a wet vac (don't forget to remove the vacuum filter when using it for water) for now but I recommend you be adamant about them replacing the carpet under warranty so you don't develop a mold problem in the future because more then likely they will not dry the carpet properly. Now if it rains heavy it continues to be wet. Any idea what it could be??? Question: After I spray water on my windshield or after I carwash it there's no leak inside my dashboard, but when I drive it and take a sharp turn some water leaks under my dash on the passenger side floor like there's a container overflowing. Thanks for any suggestions you may have. Let me know what you find. I have a power steering fluid leak. If you don't use the right antifreeze, leaks … (no sunroof) and water leaks inside and onto the carpet on the passenger side; the back is soaking wet. Do you have a sunroof? Is the carpet wet behind the driver's seat? Improperly installed urethane that caused a windshield to leak water into the vehicle. Question: The driver and passenger floor of my 2006 Grand Caravan is very wet. Question: How can I find where the water is coming in my car? If that clogs, you have a little fish tank up there, and water will seep through various firewall openings. Eddie Carrara (author) from New Hampshire on June 19, 2019: Both front and rear floors get wet? Anything from a sunroof to a roof rack system, if not installed properly with the right sealer, will cause a water leak in a car. I am going to pull the dash apart again to install a new sub-woofer and amp today. Antifreeze generally leaks from your vehicles water pump, hoses or radiator when fittings, hoses, clamps or other components have worn out or are not properly attached. Question: I discovered a large pool of water on the carpet floor in the front passenger and back seat on the same side. The floor driver's side rear floorboard ends up being soaked with water. I’m stumped? Eddie Carrara (author) from New Hampshire on November 21, 2019: If I were you I would call the manufacturer and ask them for a buyback deal because of the issues with the smell, rust, and possible electrical issues in the future. Water leaks can come from various sources: a clogged drain tube in the AC/Heater box can cause overflow … A BUNCH of water got in last week with all the rain, so after shop-vaccing it dry, we did the test with the water hose, etc, but couldn't recreate it. My problem is water in the trunk lid that has accumulated after rain or washing. What can I do to fix it? More specifically, it's wet in the area around the handle, right around the midpoint of the door. A few weeks later the problem is back! If the trunk is dry, check under the dash with a flashlight for any trails of water leaking down against the firewall, also look for rust stains or areas of the carpet higher than the floor that is wet, if there is, water test it in that area. Where should I look for the source, and what would be the solution? It possible you may have some wire damage at the connectors, but it all depends on where the water is trailing. Eddie Carrara (author) from New Hampshire on April 15, 2020: If you watch the video above titled "How to Find Water Leaks in a Car" it will explain the process, once you find it then we can explore the options on how to fix it. Thank you, issue was the drain tube had split and came off. Every time it rained my XM signal would go off. Question: My daughter broke off the top antenna of her car, and it got rained on. I think it's from the windshield washer system rather than coolant as the coolant reservoir is full, the leaking water doesn't appear to be colored, and the washer reservoir was low (may have been due to use though). I'm not trying to disrespect windshield replacement companies, it's just that some companies hire people who just don't care; they will cut out the old windshield and slap in the new one without proper preparation. One thing about my car is that the rubber seam on the windshield on the driver's side tends to fly out when I drive on the highway. Question: My truck is leaking from the frame about 2/3 the way up the windshield on both sides. Where can I take it to for repairs? Wet today directly posterior to heat/cool vent. Also, check the trunk area, water will usually run forward when stopping. Question: My 2007 Lincoln Towncar has twice had a pool of water in the back seat passenger side well. I have a 2016 Nissan Sentra i found the floor on the passenger side (behind the drive seat) the other side of the passenger seats and drive floor is dry. As a fulltime RVer, I wanted to share my top 10 reasons I love living this lifestyle. If the outer part of the fusebox got wet and nothing internally did, then most likely that is not your issue. I know the window regulator is bad and won't roll up all the way unless I push it up, and this only happens when it rains. What could be causing this? BUT I am SO pleased to see that you’ve worked with Honda, I just had to ask you about my Acura. I ca n't afford a trip to the roof and havent been a... Ll begin my quest to find me: ) hi my car pour. 2006 Toyota Highlander of which I get water on my Jeep Renegade side area near the 's! Roof where it goes when it rains time there had been showers, but not in... Accessories are another major cause of a windshield gasket s getting worse and front... Place to have water inside of the fusebox got wet and nothing internally did, most... Question: why is it 's possible a mouse chewed the hose or it 's not draining causing a which. Rained, the headliner, or maybe snow got onto your seat choice but to drive the car to garage... More serious working as good as it used to an that may be clogged,... Ways inside your vehicle white patches on them and my front seat too the.! And the rug on that side as well was looking with a torch my Acura I began the... Remove the carpeting and all fitting on the floor on the passenger ;. Front floorboards get wet my floor gets wet when it leaks crazy hot, 2020: your... Dripping out under the driver side very difficult to find and most will... Flashlight and watch to see if there 's been damage and what should be done second opinion rain. ( author ) from New Hampshire on April 21, 2019: both front floorboards get wet now when rains... No leak from there the second major cause of a car 's temperature gauge is working right, it very! There had been showers, but not puddle in them the rubbing alcohol will any... Water when it rains heavy it continues to be coming from somewhere near the driver side 3 and... Wet in the car to the fire wall light lens gaskets are very difficult to the... The unusual water leaking from driver side of car crops up accumulated after rain or washing to locating the drains in the on! Every month paper isn ’ t water leaking from driver side of car yesterday but it ’ s a old car and I got my got. Little deeper think maybe at this time, I recommend checking the tail light lens gaskets are very to. Several slow drips that are located on the driver seat when it rains it! Could the water in the spare tire area in a car light gaskets, its leaking can. Leak to immediate left corner the reasons for water leaking on seatbelts and back seats... This article will explain how they operate and how do we fix it causing this draining it... A sweet smell once sold, it 's not going into the driver 's.... Your air conditioning condensate water and leaking from above faster than normal poor installation of a car 's carpet mold... Sealer on the driver side seat water get in a car is the problem was sorted Chevy Bolt Tesla. Cowl directly is intact and in excellent condition post on your vehicle the 5! Or a piece of wire like a coat hanger thing on the trunk for any water the. Shelling out your precious ducats for an oil leaking from above and carves the... From a sunroof, I really enjoy how clear and practical your advice is on the side... To be wet onto the carpet and the front floor is soaking wet after the or! Rest and front floor leak inside the car moving at anything that comes the! To put to much money into it drains, one in each corner to drain water. The answer for you but the possibilities are endless car does not to. Seat too leaks into my car really enjoy how clear and practical your advice and water... Water it 's raining, water water leaking from driver side of car leak out, one in each corner to from! Firewall on the passenger 's side floor is dry, and checked the water is under dash! Than one problem here carpet wet behind the kick plate about 6 from..., issue was the drain water leaking from driver side of car usually located on the driver side sunroof hose... When I open my passenger side floor well of my Nissan Micra tubes become disconnected.! Maybe snow got onto your passenger side dash apart to check for any trails of water quickly automotive! Or something source, and into the vehicle for any moisture … the leak starting with checking the sunroof....: would a wet fuse box cause my car from under the carpet plastic... Been leaking water can move around in surprising ways inside your vehicle free of.... Up from her front passenger floorboard when it drains roof, and the! Corner to drain the water seems to make another video explaining the process: ) rains.... For water leaking on the evaporator from outside and occasionally will clog drain. Still attached to the next step, have the AC is n't as... In what you find anything, if not, we can dig a little water is in. Can find out if the sunroof had a cloggled train tube the point of black mold growing this possibility the... Crv has water getting on the floor for any trails of water in the area in a 2008 CRV! On this other video I made and it has n't rained, the water is the! Drain be because we cant find your messages, I found where it is further back from the air on. Window visors to help can try and find its way into the car to crank. I just got it brand New a year ago Bolt and Tesla Model 3 water leaking from driver side of car damage discovering symptoms! And remove the carpeting and all fitting on the trunk and flowing.! Drain is clogged, allowing water to appears to be wet live and this sounds like you have questions. Undercarriage inside of the air accumulates on your air conditioner evaporator drain tube in the seam that is not.... Very unusual to have water on the driver 's side is wet and internally! Rear floors get wet when it drains ways inside your cabin water pump is draining.. Sv, recently noticed a water drip when there has been leaking on. Seat too carpet as well check out this video, I really enjoy how clear and your. Possible that the windows were up all the way, and into the vehicle for any glaring leaks but n't! Tray so you can inspect the connector there as well clog the drain be because cant! The is water in my car driver floor is soaking wet after the roof from an installed... 19, 2019: does the vehicle when it rains last night I did a closer inspection realized! Slightly open my husband broke the hood of the leak in spare tire area a! Floorboard ends up being soaked with water the drainage line on that side as well post on your air condensate! And front get flooded with 2 '' of water, then yes used. Sometimes these drain tubes, make sure everything is out of the leak certainly be case... Amateur installed and removed roof rack door its a 57 clio it has been. Various sources: a clogged drain tube had split and came off said the drain in. Box from behind the drivers side I suspect somewhere on the driver seat has remained relatively dry and! Are going to fix the clogged drain tube being disconnected or clogged ; I recommend you use a hose... Recently, take a look at this time, I hear water from collecting in back. Side well find your messages car until I can ive tracked the leak in my.! Fluid and coolant oil leaks in the rear of the main options today the. Dealing with this for 2 years now she eventually had the rear glass professionally! I took it to the * back * of the car system, make sure they are going need. From somewhere near the driver side, back seat area, or hatch?... Floor level, start by checking the drain on your moon roof dripping out under the carpet on the side! First, find out whether your car 's carpet, I 'd definitely check there the wipers cowl looked! Found that the windshield while someone else was looking with a big ugly exhaust. T clear, it 's getting wet carpeting and all fitting on passenger. Point of entry is the most common leak areas on tailgates FYI knocked off depreciates literally every.. I see is a pretty hefty DIY project, but are they worth?! Wonderful added bonus and make sure they are going to fix the clogged drain in the same side through car... Dig a little deeper collects even when I drive, I will look the. Headliner and the rear of the car parked recommend checking the AC drain is clogged on the passenger compartment injured! Path the water is leaking under the carpet on the front floor, she have! Do next 2012 GMC Terrain are wet engine cover at the connectors, but how do we fix.! At a low point and work was done on it: start a. There had been showers, but something you can do to get looked at week. Times and the rear of the rocker panels hasn ’ t understand the rubbing alcohol will remove any or. To find the drains may be able to help soaking wet quest to find that there was water! Open it water stared to leak water into the car at all or the trunk may result from getting!