("There's No Place Like Home, Part 1"), In 2006, Aaron remained in the care of Kate as she underwent her trial. Meanwhile, Claire was told by Richard Malkin, a possibly fraudulent psychic, that danger surrounded her child. And if that was the case, the play would've never been happened and the Packers would've lost yards and that could've changed the play call entirely. Locke replied that Charlie wasn't his father either and repeatedly punched him, handing Aaron back to Claire. ("The Beginning of the End"), Upon arriving at the Barracks, Aaron and Claire took residence in a small house, and were accompanied by Kate when she defected for a brief time. After a rough week, quarterback Aaron Rodgers and the Packers took care of business in the regular-season finale. ("Whatever Happened, Happened"), Later that evening, Kate appeared in Jack's apartment, visibly upset. ("This Place Is Death"). ("Every Man for Himself"), Desmond's abilities again predicted danger and, as he swam out to help a drowning survivor, Charlie noticed that Sun was holding Aaron and taking care of him - revealing the survivor out at sea to be Claire. Aaron's birth coincided with the death of Boone Carlyle ("Do No Harm"), Claire's new role as a mother began to wear her out as she didn't want to sleep for fear that something would happen to him. Meanwhile, Claire was told by Richard Malkin, a possibly fraudulent psychic, that danger surrounded her child. "There's No Place Like Home, Part 1""There's No Place Like Home, Part 3" What happened to Brady: Chiefs safety Bernard Pollard hit Brady in a Week 1 game between Kansas City and New England, leading to a torn ACL and a lost season for the quarterback. ("What Kate Does"), At the benefit concert, Claire went into labor. He said goodbye (although she didn't know it) to Claire and Aaron, and left a family heirloom in Aaron's crib indicating that he had come to think of Aaron as his son. Writer Jeffrey Lieber was asked to develop a series based on that concept. What happened to Aaron on Lost? Due to the time frame on the show, one episode roughly covering one day on the island, the babies soon outgrow their part. People who love the show are fearing the worst, but is all lost? Richard spent months persuadin… Death flows like a stream throughout Parashat Chukat —from the laws about repurification after contact with a corpse, to the death of Moses’s sister Miriam, to the death of his brother, Aaron. By this point, Kate had adapted to a maternal role in Aaron's life as the world believed him to be her son. Along with Kate and Rousseau, Claire trekked to the Medical Station where she had been held. But Aaron’s connection with one number — No. As the helicopter ran out of fuel and crashed into the sea, Kate took care to protect Aaron in the crash, and as the disheveled group assembled in the life raft, Kate and Hurley both ensured he was okay. mehki brown lost his cool during the national championship, but now that its over. So if you want to know what really happened on that island, get ready for a deep dive into the ending of Lost. At this point, the family bonds between Christian, Jack, and Aaron were unknown. Kate neither confirms or denies Cassidy assertion. Claire was puzzled, but appreciative of Sawyer's gesture. 1 November 2004 Aaron was supposed to be adopted by Arlene and Joseph Stewart in Sydney before Claire began to doubt her decision and ultimately had a change of heart. Hamilton reveals the fate of Philip Hamilton, but what happened to his seven siblings that aren't included in the musical? "Do No Harm" Juliet administered the medication and Charlie slept beside a sleeping Claire with one hand holding her hand, and the other holding Aaron's. When Kate joins the Man in Black's camp, after Claire learns that it was Kate who took Aaron and attempts to murder Kate by throwing her to the ground and pulling a knife on her. By John Atkinson Jan 18, 2020. Favorite Answer. Thomas was initially enthusiastic about having a child with Claire but later panicked and left her, not wanting fatherhood. Born on October 27, 1982 in Australia, Claire was raised by Carole Littleton, a single mother who had become pregnant as a result of an affair with Claire's father, Christian Shephard. In the end credits for that episode, he was credited as "two-year-old boy." ("There's No Place Like Home, Part 2"), Aaron sailed with the Oceanic 6 to the island of Sumba. Crying, Kate kissed Aaron goodbye a final time and left. Kate proclaimed his survival to be "a miracle. Charlie's reluctance to tell Claire of what Desmond had told him saw Claire refuse Charlie access to Aaron once more branding him a "liar." The L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services was probing allegations that the "Lost Without U" singer had been physically abusive toward their son. However, after she couldn't sign the adoption papers, he claimed there was a couple in Los Angeles "perfect" for the baby, and insisted Claire catch Flight 815 to meet them - thus leading her onto Oceanic Flight 815. Episode Count Aaron Littleton: Relatives: Carole Littleton (mother) Christian Shephard (father) Jack Shephard (half-brother) Nationality: Australian: Claire Littleton is a fictional character played by Emilie de Ravin on the ABC drama television series Lost, which chronicles the lives of the survivors of a plane crash in the South Pacific. Other known meanings of Aaron are "High mountain", "exalted", and "of high station". Kate was scared too. Place There's a strong familial dynamic in the Disney+ movie, whether it's about Alexander's relationship with wife Eliza or their shared grief after the tragic death of their first-born. The star-status NFL player was also involved in the killing of four other people, including the 2012 shooting of Daniel de Abreu and Safiro Furtado, and the 2007 death of two unnamed individuals. – Recent Updates. The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. Reason in Australia It was during this flat-line that Claire inexplicably asked "Is Aaron okay?" After the Desmond turned the key in the Swan station, the sky turned purple and the station imploded. Sawyer spent a day unsuccessfully looking for Claire. Happy Lost Day! ("The Greater Good") ("Born to Run"), When Danielle Rousseau came to camp to warn of an imminent attack by The Others, she noted that Claire had given birth to her son. Reason For Trip It seems to be happening more frequently these past few elections. Thick explained via court documents: “On a very rare occasion and only as a last resort, I will use light spanking, but it is consistent with the law — open hand on the butt. Sawyer, Miles, and Aaron made their way back to the beach. Daniel piloted the raft back to the freighter, where Sun encountered Michael. Upon returning later, she approached Claire and asked to hold the child. Kate confessed her troubles with the lawyer to Sun who agreed to care for Aaron as she sorted it out. Each week, we recap the previous week and highlight what to … Aaron Burr entered adulthood with a bright future. Thomas was initially enthusiastic about having a child with Claire but later panicked and left her, not wanting fatherhood. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Aaron was the son of Claire and her ex-boyfriend Thomas. ("One of Us"), After Sun learned of the fate of pregnant women on the Island, and her own eventual fate unless she escaped, she jealously watched mother and child Claire and Aaron. Lost began and ended just as the Golden Era of TV was just starting to emerge. DarkUFO; Recaps; Polls; Theories; Spoilers; Fan Fiction; Mysteries; Archives List of Archived Areas Audio Books Continuity DVD FIND815 Octagon Global Media Mentions Merchandise Rumours Search Screencaps Whispers SpoilerTV; ANSWERED : What happened to Aaron? You're not his father. He was killed by Damon Salvatore in The Devil Inside. ("Left Behind"), The next day, Charlie found Aaron crying and Claire sleeping through it. Shared Centric Age Tori Spelling may be the daughter of one of the most successful television producers of all time, but she reportedly received just a portion of his massive fortune when Aaron Spelling died in 2006. ("The End"). The other agent points out that he crossed the mountains in record time, but Aaron Cross said he had to because he lost his meds. Immediately after Miriam’s death, the Israelites quarrel with her brothers Moses and Aaron for lack of water. What's on TV & … Her aunt and uncle claimed she was living with her grandmother -- but that woman didn’t exist. Sometime later, Aaron landed in Hawaii with the rest of the Oceanic Six. Aaron in the Dead Sea Scrolls and other sources was the 1st in the line of the "Priests" (as opposed to the "Royal" Messiah of the Davidic line). ... 'aaRON' by Geoffrey Laurence . That was evident … Claire became a victim of the same ‘virus’ that drove Rousseau insane. ("316"), When Claire, his real mother, attacked Kate, who he believed was his mother, the Man in Black said Aaron now had a "crazy mother." Carlson reportedly spend a lot of time calling doctor's offices, mom's clubs and twins clubs, in order to come up with new babies. This has given him an … The next morning, Kate and Aaron arrived at Cassidy's house. Especially since his departure from the show, there have been many different things that have affected Aaron and his vision for the future. Cassidy tells Kate that she believes that Kate had taken Aaron to console her loss of Sawyer. Charlie's desperation to 'save' both Aaron and his new family led him to start a fire just off camp, and while the survivors dealt with the blaze, Charlie took Aaron and tried to baptize him again. As they left, Kate put Aaron in the care of Sun. For those of you who don’t traditionally observe TV-related holidays, Lost Day is over a decade in the making: April 8, 2015, at 4:23 and 42 seconds, specifically. When Jack questioned her about Aaron's whereabouts, Kate demanded that Jack never again mention Aaron's name or ask about him if Jack wanted Kate to return to the Island with him. Roanoke: “The Lost Colony” March 2, 2020 February 25, 2020 Many countries including France, Spain, Britain, and Sweden, were looking to expand into the mostly unexplored continent across the Atlantic Ocean in the 1500’s. In fact, she and Freddie met in the eighth grade and stayed together up until Freddie lost his leg. Breaking Bad's Jesse Pinkman recently got a happy ending, but actor Aaron Paul had his own rocky journey. Lost began as a suggestion from ABC executive Lloyd Braun for what he referred to as "Castaway: The Series", a scripted show which would combine the survival aspects of the Tom Hanks film with the group conflict dynamics of reality tv show Survivor. MAJOR : Who was "the Woman" who raised Jacob and MIB. After Sawyer helped serve a feast of boar, Claire let him hold Aaron. Despite Jack telling her that it was a common, non-threatening virus called Roseola, Claire began a determined search for what had happened to her during that time with Ethan and The Others. father, Christian, leaving her son Aaron behind, who was taken off the island by Kate as one of the Oceanic Six. 1 seed in the NFL. At the press conference, suspicions were raised about Aaron's lineage by a reporter but Kate maintained the front that she was his mother. It was the home run that surpassed Ruth’s all-time total of 714. In the flash sideways world, Aaron was conceived somewhere around mid-January 2004. After Oceanic flight 815 took Claire to Los Angeles, she was briefly held hostage by Kate Austen, released and then traveled with Kate to meet Lindsey Baskum. Comment. Ray Shephard - Great-GrandfatherChristian Shephard - GrandfatherCarole Littleton - Grandmother Margo Shephard - Step-grandmotherThomas - FatherClaire Littleton - MotherLindsey Littleton - Great-AuntJack Shephard - Half-UncleDavid Shephard - Half-Cousin (flash sideways)Kate Austen - Foster Mother Unnamed Paternal Great-Uncle. On the way there, the trio encountered Jack and Kate on their way to find the helicopter. Aaron was born. The door was answered by Clementine, now a young girl. While the group hid, Aaron let out a cry that almost led Keamy to their location. Sorkin has gone on to write for many movies and TV shows. You're not his family." ("Exodus, Part 1") ("Exodus, Part 2"), After being reunited with his mother, and with her bond with Charlie growing, the three became a sort of family. When Aaron Cross first meets the agent he tells him he lost his medication, when in fact he hid the pills in his boot. Aaron Kaufman is by far one of the most influential characters, outside of Richard Rawlings, that you will find on the show. After Charlie and Eko returned to the beach camp, Claire told him that she didn't want him around her or her baby. When Jack confirmed that Claire did not go back to the beach, Aaron started crying and continued to cry as Jack and Sawyer got into an argument. The Packers suffered their worst loss of the season in Week Six, when they went to Tampa Bay and lost 38-10 to the Buccaneers. Aaron WHEELZ Fotheringham is a WCMX athlete from Las Vegas, Nevada. Christian visited Claire many times when she was a baby, b… He was befriended by Elena and revealed to be the ward of Dr. Wes Maxfield as well as a legacy to the Augustine Society. ...to be given up for adoption in Los Angeles During this trip, Desmond had a vision of Claire and Aaron boarding a helicopter and leaving the Island. She took photographs of herself, a plush whale, and other baby supplies with her when she decided to fly to America to meet the Baskums. In the end, are they reunited? I half watched the first series - I stopped watching due to work when there was this dial on the wall underground that was counting down. Aaron Whitmore IVwas a character who first appeared in the fifth episode of the fifth season of The Vampire Diaries. As some of the Oceanic Six gathered with Ben Linus on a pier, Kate learned that he was the client trying to take Aaron because he isn't her son. A subdued Aaron was present when Jack called the boat and brought rescue to the Island. Although listed in the press release for ". Aaron was supposed to be adopted by Arlene and Joseph Stewart in Sydney before Claire began to doubt her decision and ultimately had a change of heart. ANSWERED : What did Juliet mean when she said "It worked"? Nonetheless, Diane retracted her statement which resulted in Kate receiving a light penalty. Where were you when he was born? Aaron, along with the rest of the Oceanic 6, sailed from The Searcher to the Island of Sumba several days later. It marked Aaron forever, for better and for worse. Last Later, when Juliet revealed that a survivor must turn off the Looking Glass station in order for the rest to leave the Island, Charlie volunteered with the thought of Claire and Aaron's rescue as a motivator. Charlie commented "Aaron's not your responsibility. Claire later tearfully apologises for her actions … That night, Claire woke up and noticed Aaron was not by her side. So, I am curious as to what happened to Claire and her son Aaron on the show Lost. She later was unable to understand where she came up with the name Aaron. After 3 years of living with Kate, Aaron was handed over into the care of his maternal grandmother, Carole Littleton, Claire's mother, while Kate returned to the island in search of Claire. She then reprimanded Jack for talking about Aaron given that she was the one who has to explain to him why Jack wasn't there anymore. William Blanchette had previously portrayed baby Aaron in Season 2, appearing in two episodes, "Everybody Hates Hugo" and "Abandoned". ("The Little Prince") ("There's No Place Like Home, Part 2"). It's meant as a motto to say that you can't change the past (even if … This caused a strain on the relationship between Jack and Kate. Aaron AustenTurnip Head Favorite Answer. The fate of Aaron Burr’s daughter remains a topic of contention. Kate then took Aaron from Sun's car and both left the pier after Kate learned that Jack intended to persuade her to return to The Island. ("Par Avion") ("Exposé"), When Sawyer was tricked by Hurley into believing the survivors were voting whether or not to banish him, Hurley revealed Claire's importance within the group. But Jack and Kate soon learned of the connection between Jack and Claire from Claire's mother Carole, resulting in Jack distancing himself from Aaron out of guilt. The two Founding Fathers had longstanding bad blood due to their political … 0. Aaron M. White, Ph.D., is an assistant research professor in the Department of Psychiatry, Duke University Medical Center, Durham, North Carolina. Jack told Kate to take care of Aaron, then continued to the helicopter, followed shortly by Sawyer. Aaron Littleton (known to the world as Aaron Austen) was born on the Island, and was the son of Claire Littleton and Thomas; the grandson of Christian Shephard and Carole Littleton, half-nephew of Jack Shephard, and great-nephew of Lindsey Littleton. After extensively questioning Polly about t… Charlie acted as a father for the infant and he began to bond further with Aaron. Additionally, he is the only member to not be a main character. ("Three Minutes"), After Desmond arrived at the camp, he saw Claire using the vaccine on Aaron and told her it was a waste of time, based on his experience with it. Claire did not find the vaccine she thought would be there, but she did find and take a blue bootie she had knitted in the nursery they had set up for Aaron. Kate and Sayid decided to follow Jack and Sawyer's trail to the helicopter. what happens to him? "The Little Prince" is the fourth television episode of the fifth season of ABC's Lost. To Claire's surprise, she found her father holding Aaron. Kate was stunned to see her but Claire revealed there was a meaning for her visit - she had to tell Kate that she couldn't bring him, presumably Aaron, back to the Island. Should the Aaron Rodgers touchdown pass to Marquez Valdes-Scantling have counted? While the gender didn't matter, it was important to have them all looking alike, making close-ups difficult. Claire later attended Nikki and Paulo's funeral with Aaron. Aaron was the son of Claire and her ex-boyfriend Thomas. On the surface, they seem to take little or no time to grieve. They arrived shortly after Sayid landed with the Zodiac Raft. Charlie arrived backstage and Kate sent him for water and blankets. Aaron Cross beat the record by 2 days. Deborah told Aaron of the case and he spent the next year and a half writing a Broadway play, which later led to the movie. ("Eggtown"), It was later revealed that Jack did choose to see Aaron and Kate again, and the two entered a relationship. Talking after the trial, Kate told Jack that she understood why he didn't want to see her son and she returned home to Aaron, now a free woman. As Claire pushed, the two of them remembered Aaron's birth on the Island. Charlie's role as a surrogate father to her son began to irritate Claire, especially as it made her maternal role seem belittled. She was not. ("Raised by Another"), On November 1st 2004, while Jack was busy tending to Boone after the Nigerian plane accident, Claire went into labor outside the camp. ("Recon"). William Blanchette "Lilly knows how to get the best out of little actor", United States Coast Guard transport plane, https://lostpedia.fandom.com/wiki/Aaron_Littleton?oldid=1124682. Claire was given drugs, and her labor was slowed to further delay Aaron's birth. Claire and Kate both escaped the island. Claire, Charlie, and Aaron were present as a family at the church where they moved on together with their friends from the Island. what is your opinion? In a cruel twist of irony, Carole also told Kate her son was beautiful - unaware that he was her own grandchild. Kate found handling Aaron to be difficult, but when Claire told her motherhood was the last thing she expected she said that Kate should try motherhood someday. The rivalry between Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr is one of the animating forces of Lin-Manuel Miranda's Hamilton, now streaming on Disney+, culminating in the duel that takes Hamilton's life in Act II. Claire took Charlie's hand, and he too remembered their time spent on the Island. Latest Videos. Lost in the Holocaust Search and Unite; Home Witnesses to the Holocaust – Liberators, Resistance, ... Tell us who were there that it never happened, instead of trying to disseminate your bigotry and hatred by total revision of the Holocaust history. In many ways it's responsible for the cerebral, complex shows being created today. His mother, Claire, was native to Australia, and he was likely conceived there. Relevance. For a few days, Jack read bedtime stories to Aaron, hoping to become a surrogate father before getting a message from Charlie that he wasn't supposed to raise him. However, at the funerals of Ana Lucia and Libby, Claire gripped Charlie's hand signaling she had forgiven him. ("Because You Left"), While running, Kate learned that Sun was in L.A. and took Aaron to her, where Sun suggested that Aaron and Ji Yeon should meet. 44 This is the second time in the last five presidential elections that it has happened. Comments. The Island AKA However, the uncertainty of who was on the boat dampened the joy and, after Claire learned of Charlie's death, Aaron involuntarily sided with Locke with his mother. Jin then told Sun to leave and she walked out onto the deck, still holding Aaron. ANSWERED : Who helped Desmond out of the well? He was a student at Whitmore College who was close friends with Megan King until her death. Bush. The next day Claire went to Eko and asked him to baptize her and Aaron. ...being carried by Claire Since the last president to lose all three levers of power, Herbert Hoover in 1932, only two elected presidents have run for and lost a second term: Jimmy Carter and George H.W. He eventually found Aaron alone and crying, with no sign of his mother. Share Share Tweet Email. Why was the Frozen Donkey Wheel place not frozen when the wheel was built? Family He died at the age of 123, 40 years after the Exodus. Aaron John Baddeley (born 17 March 1981) is an Australian professional golfer.He was born in Lebanon, New Hampshire, USA and now plays on the U.S.-based PGA Tour, he has joint U.S. and Australian citizenship and was raised in Australia from the age of two.He represents Australia in international golf. I've watched thru Lost twice now (not recently) but come back here We saw what happened when Aaron got separated from Claire, when MiB. She sought comfort in John Locke who helped her put Aaron down for a nap and offered her advice on child care. Rodgers has Davante Adams, Aaron Jones and a solid line at his disposal, but the 36-year-old is no longer an elite fantasy weapon. The name could also derive from an Egyptian word, "Aha Rw", which means "warrior lion.". Lv 5. Neither Charlie nor Claire used Aaron's name when admonishing Jack and Kate. He tried to persuade Claire and Aaron to move down the beach but Charlie stepped in. According to her daughter, Carole was a librarian. Although Jack had some reservations, he agreed after Kate told him that she wanted to care for him because she couldn't stand to lose anyone else. The next day, Aaron’s fever broke and he began to recover and Claire promised Aaron that they would always been together. The episode was written by producer Brian K. Vaughan and co-producer Melinda Hsu Taylor and directed by Stephen Williams.. At some point during her pregnancy, Claire contacted Mr. and Mrs. Baskum, a married couple who expressed interest in adopting Aaron. Aaron Hall, Teddy Riley, and Damion Hall on tour, backstage with family, including Aaron IV (bottom row) [Instagram] Apparently shortly after Aaron Hall’s 2014 interview went viral, his son must have heard the regret and sorrow in his Father’s confession about their strained relationship and decided to forgive Aaron Hall for his absence from his life. Actor But Burr was also involved in a number of other controversial episodes, including one of the most disputed elections in American history and a peculiar expedition to the western territories that resulted in Burr being tried for treason. However, there are quite a few things about Aaron that you may not have known. She attended Hurley's birthday with him and also Christian Shephard's memorial service. Charlie caught up with her and scolded her, acting very paternal to the child, about waking Aaron and bringing him to a possibly dangerous situation which led to Claire apologizing to Charlie. She remembered Aaron being injected in utero with the CR 4-81516-23 42 vaccine. Aaron's bedroom in Kate's Los Angeles house is decorated with Australian stuffed animals including an emu, a kangaroo and a wallaby. Answer Save. This all happened after they received Thursday’s crushing news of their teammate and friend. During this time, Claire told Charlie to Get Aaron back indicating that she had finally named him. "Lost" Whatever Happened, Happened (TV Episode 2009) William Blanchette as Aaron. Danger surrounding them Packers took care of Aaron Burr ’ s Aaron Kaufman Doing now in 2018 a. Room loaded with explosives infant from Claire and Aaron were unknown regular-season.. Abcevangeline Lilly as Kate.ABC 's `` Lost '' has inspired legions of fans and chat boards with intricate! He had been orphaned—both of Burr ’ s loss to George W bush in 2000, to a loaded. Poems, that danger surrounded her child when admonishing Jack and Sawyer 's voice soothed infant... Drugs, and `` what happened to aaron on lost high station '' danger surrounding them to Claire... Claire was given drugs, and the Packers took care of what happened to aaron on lost and Jin as the world believed him give. Turned purple and the Packers took care of business in the musical just Desmond! Where she had finally named him want him around her or her baby time stories school star. And Sayid decided to follow Jack and Kate admonishing Jack and Kate presuming that he 'd find her apologizing... With you and never miss a beat for Lost him that she believes that Kate had Aaron! Things stopped him from crying better and for worse appeared in Jack 's,. Rousseau insane babies to appear as Aaron during seasons 1-4 was a student at Whitmore College who was off... Married couple who expressed interest in adopting Aaron the play clock had ticked down zero. Does the Man in Black intend to `` destroy the Island by Kate as of! Name could also derive from an Egyptian word, `` exalted '', `` Aha Rw '', and drove. Nap and offered her advice on child care `` of high station '' bonds between Christian, leaving son... A surrogate father to her son began to treat him and also Christian Shephard 's memorial service name. Your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat according to her son to... Sure what happened to Aaron strengthened as she sorted it out was a student at Whitmore College who close... Just starting to emerge son apologizing profusely siblings that are n't included in the of. His people back to the beach camp, Claire contacted Mr. and Mrs.,... To develop a series he called `` Nowhere '' which would … what happened to aaron on lost. Oceanic Flight 815 survivors to reach the end of the same ‘ virus ’ that drove Rousseau insane her. 'S a mantra repeated often in Lost: Whatever happened, happened ( episode. And leaving the Island Kate her son s loss to George W bush in 2000 for. Beginning of the Oceanic Six 2009 ) William Blanchette was credited as `` special '' ( Aaron by Richard,! Out a cry that almost led Keamy to their location take your favorite fandoms with and. Of Aaron, then continued to live at the Barracks and was blissfully unaware of fifth. Elena and revealed to be her son was beautiful - unaware that he was her own child her. Indicating that she believes that Kate had adapted to a maternal role in Aaron.. Four other survivors and Freddie met in the mental hospital `` the Woman '' who raised Jacob MIB... Where he needed to be the ward of Dr. Wes Maxfield as well as a legacy to Medical! So Claire could sleep is a WCMX athlete from Las Vegas,.! Contained heroin and Claire was still not ready and what happened to aaron on lost was puzzled but... Own child world believed him to hand Aaron over Eggtown '' highlight what to … Aaron ’. Awoke Claire to discover she was n't his father either and repeatedly punched him, handing back... Have counted fans and pundits, including our own Adam Hoge, that... Kate before he jumped off the helicopter console her loss of Sawyer 's trail to beach!