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Making pumpkin cheesecake w/ p…

Making pumpkin cheesecake w/ pecan streusel topping and a chocolate pecan tart for Thanksgiving. Yum!

Getting ready to watch “A Char…

Getting ready to watch “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving” with my kids. Haven’t seen it since I was a child. Hope it’s as good as I remember!

Tried a Cooking Light recipe f…

Tried a Cooking Light recipe for Hot Chocoate Fudge Cakes from Dec. issue. Delicious! You would never know it was “light”–very rich!

Making “Election Cupcakes” fro…

Making “Election Cupcakes” from the Cake Mix Dr. For Election Day happy hour. Here’s hoping my guy wins!

Can I reduce the amount of salt in a recipe without affecting how it bakes?

Sandra asks: What purpose does salt play in quick breads and muffins? If we are watching our sodium, can I safely eliminate it or reduce it?

Baking SOS says: Salt, when used in quick breads and muffins (as well as in most pastries), serves only as a flavor enhancer. It has no effect on how […]

Why do my quick breads turn out flat on top instead of domed?

Sandra asks: My quick breads rise, but they rise square – no doming. Why is that? They also seem to take a long time to bake, longer than the recipe calls for. My oven temp is OK, cycles a bit but not out of the ordinary.

Baking SOS says: What causes quick breads to peak […]

I voted early 1 1/2 weeks ago,…

I voted early 1 1/2 weeks ago, volunteered for my candidate….today I am helping the school PTO and promoting myself w/ my pastries.

Never thought I could make piz…

Never thought I could make pizza as tasty as the pizza shop, but tonite I did it! Used a beer pizza dough…mmmm….delicious!