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Foil vs. Paper Cupcake/Muffin Liners

Robyn asks: I’m making butterfly cakes for my daughter’s engagement party, so I bought some pretty aluminum foil cases. When I opened the packet, I discovered each foil case has a separate paper liner sitting inside it. There was no mention of the paper cases on the packaging.

Do I leave the foil case on […]

Biscotti help

Marcia asks: I just purchased a biscotti pan made by Chicago Metallic. It came with a recipe that I wasn’t crazy about: It used oatmeal and advised you to form a loaf and place it in the pan and bake for 25-30 minutes.

From going to different recipe sites for biscotti, some say to shape […]

My mom’s Corn Bread recipe

No, it’s not what you think. This is not the yellow stuff you make to go with chili and soup (mine comes out of a Jiffy box!). This is a delicious yeast-raised bread sweetened with honey. A childhood favorite my mom always made when I was growing up: perfect comfort food for the Winter season! […]

Recipe help: Chantilly Cream and Creme Anglaise

V. says: I love chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream. I have tried without success to come up with a vanilla frosting that taste very much like vanilla ice cream. I then thought about a vanilla mousse which is probably as close to vanilla ice cream as I probably will come. I have tried several […]

Beating eggs for cake batter: What is the purpose?

V. asks: I have a basic yellow cake recipe that uses 4 large whole eggs. I wanted to know if beating the whole eggs until they are a light pale yellow and foamy and then adding them to the cake batter causes the cake to have more rise than it would with just the baking […]