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How to make a pink cake batter

Carol asks: I am making a birthday cake for a seven year old in a bundt mold tin in the shape of a castle. Because I will not be icing the cake, its very important to her that the cake is pink. I have tried tinting cake mixture in the past, but because the mixture […]

Too much baking powder can make a cake taste bitter

Elyza asks: I’ve baked a cake today using this recipe: Coffee and Walnut Layer Cake, and it tastes very bitter. The frosting is gorgeous, the cake itself looks beautiful, but it’s just not enjoyable to eat. I’m really quite sad! Can you offer any advice as to why this is the case?

I’ve checked on […]

What makes a Red Velvet Cake red?

Terry asks: I just made a red velvet cake using both pureed beets AND some red food colouring, according to a recipe from the New York Waldorf Astoria, 1920’s I found on the net.

When the cake was done, it came out chocolate BROWN, instead of RED. Can you tell me what happened? I baked […]

What is the purpose of an egg in a cake batter?

Starr asks: What is the purpose of an egg in a cake batter?

Baking S.O.S. says: Good question!

Eggs have a number of different functions in baked goods and in cakes, in particular:

1) The yolk contains fat, so it gives tenderness to the cake. 2) The white is comprised of some water, so the […]