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How to be sure a Pound Cake bakes thoroughly

Toney asks: I have a question about baking a cake, a pound cake in this instance. I have baked pound cake for the pass 30 years and have never had this problem before. My cakes will not bake all the way through. I have had my stove checked and they found nothing wrong. I have […]

How to Keep Cakes Fresh? Freezing is the Best Solution

Rowena asks: I’m a cake decorator more than a baker – but because I’m also a cook – I can get particular about the taste and the texture of my baked goods. I have collected some pretty good recipes for cakes and cupcakes – taste wise but am challenged with the texture. When I have […]

What Makes a Cake Moist & Substituting Yogurt in a Cake Recipe

“Sassy Suzanne” asks: How do you insure a moist cake or cupcake? Is it the oil or butter? When can you switch to yogurt? is it interchangeable? Also, when adding fresh fruit – How do you determine the amount? I was concerned about the rise and moisture of the end product.

Baking S.O.S. says: Thank […]