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Can I Bake a Cake in a Toaster Oven?

Alma asks: I baked a moist 7-Up pound cake, but it turned out a disaster!!! The measurements I followed are: 3 C. all purpose flour 3 C. sugar (I used half the sugar) 5 eggs 1 C. Sprite (no 7-up available) 1 T. vanilla

Bake in 325 oven for 60+10 mins (1 hr.+10 mins). That […]

Baking Cakes Without Eggs

Ayush says: I’ve tried an egg-less chocolate cake many times but it is not doing nicely. Every time it turns hard or rubbery. Also it sinks down after rising before it can set. I make it in a convection microwave oven. Can you please help me so that i can get it right?

Baking S.O.S. […]

Christmas Cookies: Baking with Butter vs. Vegetable Shortening

Terry asks: I would like to bake some cookies for Christmas and I’m confused. I haven’t baked for many years, and the recipes call for butter and Crisco. I have the butter, but I don’t have the Crisco. Could I substitute all butter? I want to bake: thumb prints, snow balls, twice-baked cookies, oatmeal, and […]

Trifling Matters: Dry Sponge Cake

Ann Louise asks: With Christmas coming I am really desperate for helpful advice on what I’m doing wrong when baking the sponge cake for my trifle. I have always used the trifle recipe from The Joy of Cooking book, which I’ve had since 1979, although I’ve only begun using that particular recipe in the past […]