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Why do my cakes burn when I use non-stick pans?

Duval asks: When I use my non-stick heavy gauge baking pans, my cakes burn. I then have to do go back to old thin pans to do the job. Please explain.

BakingSOS says:  I have had that exact same problem, so I’m glad you asked!

The problem with the non-stick cake pans is that the dark coating attracts the heat of the oven more than a regular cake pan without the non-stick coating.  And since it attracts more heat, it also burns the edges and the bottom of the cake–the part that comes in contact with the non-stick coating.

I have given up on using non-stick cakes pans and muffin pans.  I prefer traditional metal pans (aluminum), which is what most professional kitchens use, too.

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