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How to Substitute All-Purpose Flour for Self-Rising Flour

Beth asks: I love to bake, but mostly stick to the basics. On occasion, I want to try a recipe that calls for bread flour or self-rising flour. Is there something I can add to all-purpose flour as a substitute?

Baking S.O.S. says: You CAN substitute all-purpose flour for self-rising flour with the following adjustments: For every 1 Cup of flour, add 1 1/2 tsp. baking powder and 1/2 tsp. salt.

As for bread flour, it is different from all-purpose flour in that it is made from higher-protein wheat which contains more gluten.  Gluten provides structure to baked goods.  Gluten is necessary to provide a strong structure to baked goods like bread and rolls.  But gluten is NOT desirable in products that should be more tender like cookies and cakes.

Sooooo. . . bread flour is best for breads and rolls.  But is isn’t absolutely necessary.  You can still make bread with all-purpose flour.  Your bread will probably turn out more tender; the dough may be softer to work with.  Try kneading the bread dough a little longer to really develop the gluten.

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