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Decorating Cut-out Cookies with Royal Icing

Erin says: I am attempting for the first time to make detailed frosted duck shape cookies as favors for a baby shower on Saturday. I want to use royal icing, pipe around the shape then ‘flood’ inside that line. I baked the cookies on Sunday and they are currently in the freezer. A few questions: I would like to do the frosting tomorrow, I don’t want to be rushed on Saturday. Should I take the cookies out of the freezer tonight? Should they go from freezer to fridge to counter or from freezer to counter? Then, do you have a simple royal frosting recipe? There are ones that use meringue powder and all that, but is that necessary? How much should I make for about 25 pretty large cookies? I don’t want to run out of yellow and then try and match the color again. THEN, once frosted and dried should I put them in cellophane bags tomorrow of Friday and in between put the cookies in an airtight container? In fridge? Not in fridge? Please help!

Baking S.O.S. says: I’m here to help! Glad you wrote. 🙂

Do not store the cookies in the frige at any point….that will make them go stale faster than leaving them out at room temp.

Freezing the cookies in advance is a great time saver, & it keeps them fresher. Cookies will thaw pretty quickly from the freezer, so just take them out tomorrow morning & let them thaw on the counter while you get everything else ready.

Royal icing: I DO use the meringue powder recipe because it is easier and produces more reliable results. Can’t go wrong there. You can simply add a little more water to make a thinner frosting for flooding (you need a thicker frosting for piping the borders).

Royal icing sets up pretty quickly at room temp, so once it’s set, you can wrap the cookies in cellophane.  I don’t think it is necessary to store them in a plastic container after that…..it could create a little bit of moisture, making to cookies softer or soggy.  (I’m 50-50 on the airtight containers….it’s your choice.)

I’m not sure how much frosting to tell you to make, so err on the side of too much rather than too little. You will need plenty of frosting to pour for flooding, so be generous in the amount you make. But Royal icing also does not keep, so once you’re done, discard the leftovers.

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