The open marsh habitat, mudflats and impoundments attract a good variety of duck species including Mottled Duck, Gadwall, Blue-winged Teal, Fulvous Whistling-Duck and Black-bellied Whistling-Duck late fall through winter. Public Access and Vehicles. The area was acquired as part of the Upper St. Johns River Basin Project, undertaken jointly by the district and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, as a long-term flood control project to revitalize the upper basin. These links are to the guides developed for the July 2012 – June 2013 hunting season and include assigned hunt dates for the areas of interest. THE UPPER ST. JOHNS RIVER BASIN If you look at satellite maps of the Stick Marsh and expand it, you will see how the impoundments are connected. The latest WMA brochures and maps provided by the FWC can be downloaded from the links provided below. ... shrub or protected plant from this area without written permission from St. Johns River Water Management District (SJRWMD). The Upper St. Johns River Basin Project reclaimed drained marshlands by creating reservoirs and replumbing existing canals. Bear Creek - The take or possession of largemouth bass is currently prohibited and is catch and release only until Feb. 5, 2021. Fifteen miles west of Stuart on Florida's east coast, Allapattah Flats WMA anchors 20,945 acres of marshes and slash pine flatwoods. The Upper St. Johns Marsh Wildlife Management Area contains about 124,623 acres of wetlands and waterways along the river in Brevard and Indian River counties. This 60-mile stretch of the St. Johns River is the southernmost headwaters where the tannin-stained river originates out of the vast marshes, swamps, water management areas and canal systems. This site, which includes the Broadmoor Marsh Unit, is a wetland restoration project in the upper St. Johns River Basin. The Three Forks Marsh Conservation Area (TFMCA) is a component of the Upper St. Johns River Basin Project (USJRBP), in itself part of the overall Central and South History of the Upper St. Johns River Basin and the upper basin project. This northwestern Martin County site is part of a vast area of marshes and flatwoods that once extended from the upper St. Johns River basin to the headwaters of the St. Lucie River. Agricultural interests saw the value of the rich peat soils beneath the water and drained thousands of acres of the river… Please check the WMA name. Brevard and Indian River counties claim most of these waters, which form the upper St. Johns River basin--the beginnings of the beautiful St. Johns River, which flows south to north. ... Upper St Johns River Marsh . Containing Lakes Winder, Poinsett and Washington, plus associated streams, this section offers some of … Upper St Johns River Marsh Fish Management Areas. 1 PROJECT PURPOSE AND NEED. The Upper St. Johns River Basin once contained more than 400,000 acres of fertile marsh. WMA Brochure Search. 1.1 PROJECT AUTHORITY . MENU : Brochure not found! The Upper St. Johns River Marsh wildlife management area (WMA) THREE FORKS MARSH CONSERVATION AREA CULTURAL RESOURCES PROTECTION FEATURE BREVARD COUNTY, FLORIDA.