Coup de Grâce “I really like Echo’s strength and loyalty,” Teles told fans. It is revealed, that the killed warriors are Fio and Gael. Echo and Bellamy hide in the bushes on the field to rescue Emori once she steals the completed EMP which they would use to pass through the radiation shield. Raven refuses. Since all the Primes are now involved, Ryker doesn't want Echo to continue with her plan because he wants to save his family. Hearing this, Indra states that Azgeda shouldn’t have a place in the bunker, but Octavia disagrees and replies that she will not banish an entire clan because of the actions of one person. Significant Kills 20s-30s150s (chronologically, S6) Echo asks how ascension is possible considering the Flame was destroyed, and Roan realizes that he was deceived into believing that the Flame was gone. Sometime afterwards they started a romantic relationship. But who got killed off in the last instalment of the series called Damocles Part II? Suddenly, Echo kills the Disciple from behind and comments to a surprised Hope that she never really believed "this garbage." The 100 season 4 finale did many things on Wednesday night, but one of the most surprising things may have been that all of the core cast may have surprised … possible.There aren’t any confirmed deaths, but there was a big time jump several years into the future. In DNR, King Roan is returning to Polis (after previously assisting Clarke and other Sky People at Becca's lab), when he is betrayed by Kane – who has renewed his alliance with Trikru. Hope explains that without Orlando they don't need to take unnecessary risks, but Gabriel argues that leaving Orlando was the unnecessary risk and stops Echo from stabbing the men to ensure that they are dead. Echo then watches Bellamy as he is harvested and after Maya Vie comes to rescue Bellamy. Monty warns Echo that an Arkadian soldier, Riley, has deserted his position with the probable intention of assassinating King Roan. As a result, Russell decides to execute all the Earth people except Madi. One of the grounders hustles him over to Echo and shoves him to the ground in front of her. The 100 has now come to an end on The CW with a final episode that gave a rare happy ending to the cast—though in the show's typical style, that finale was bittersweet. Queen Nia visited them and on a certain point forced the real Echo to kill Ash or Queen Nia would let them both get killed. Roan informs Echo and Bellamy that they are not at war (yet) and that they've come to an arrangement to share Alpha Station should the Nightblood solution fail. She asks where Bellamy is and is surprised when Josephine, pretending to be Clarke, tells her that Bellamy went to scout locations outside Sanctum without her. Echo leaves the room followed by Octavia and Diyoza. In Ashes to Ashes, Echo is arrested for attempted murder during the execution. In The Face Behind the Glass, Sanctum is celebrating Delilah's Naming Day Ceremony. Since Clarke is the only one who knew where Echo is, Echo quickly figures out that it wasn't really Clarke. Unable to resist the urge to assist her King, Echo takes a bow and sneaks out of the throne room into the city. Cadogan begins leaving to give them time to reunite while the Disciples make preparations but, to Clarke, Octavia, Echo and Gabriel's shock, Bellamy, who is now completely loyal to the Disciple cause, reveals that Clarke doesn't have the Flame and that it has been destroyed, negating Clarke's group's leverage over the Disciples. But as Echo turns to leave, Octavia counters Echo’s threat with one of her own, saying that she knows King Roan banished Echo from the Azgeda for cheating during the conclave and that it would be easy to prove it by having the Flamekeepers check the Blue Cliff champion’s body for Azgeda's arrow wounds. Echo declares herself in charge while the king is unconscious and kills the ambassador on the spot. Echo escapes with Raven, Shaw and Emori into the caves. In Season 5, after the six years jump, Echo's hairstyle is almost the same. In Exit Wounds, Octavia expresses her resentment for Echo because she betrayed them by spying and cheating during the conclave. In the testing space, The Judge changed her appearance to Lexa for Clarke. They slowly approach the vehicle and notice two Ark Guards with their throats cut inside. After landing on the ground, Echo meets Madi at the valley who helps them locate Clarke. They resemble smaller replicas of King Roan's scars. Clarke and Bellamy agree and she goes to the Becca's Island with them. The 100 really is Clarke Griffin incarnate, this little show that refuses to live or die on anyone’s terms but its own, and that’s the highest praise I can give it. Echo agrees and helps with Raven's plan by telling Diyoza that McCreary's people know that she doesn't want to treat them and are ready for war. 's control after Clarke pulled her kill switch. She tells Raven about Monty and Octavia's plan but they don't have a way to get to the ship. As Echo screams in grief, Hope states that they will never find her mother now. She then presents him with his grandfather's crown. 's defeat and urged Roan not to trust them. To prove it, Echo asks Diyoza to take her and Raven to the ship's computer system. A century after Earth was devastated by a nuclear apocalypse, 100 space station residents are sent to the planet to determine whether it's habitable. Echo is impressed by Shaw's combat skills and realizes that he's valuable to them. Echo's revelation about the Primes inspires a Null named Tai to confront and kill Simone. Clarke steps forward and tries to convince Echo that this is the wrong thing to do based on her own experiences with making choices when there was another solution and that they can learn to live with their grief, but deciding to commit genocide is something that will always stay with them. Echo shows the fear on her face and glanced hopefully at Bellamy but to no avail. They're interrupted by a knock on the door which turns out to be Gaia and Miller. Sitting at the table with Gabriel, Echo and Octavia, Clarke acknowledges that if the Disciples didn't believe that she has the Flame, they would be in cells. Echo reminds Octavia they had a deal, but Octavia replies that although she promised to save Azgeda, she didn’t say anything about saving her. Echo and Roan discuss their plans for assaulting the temple but are interrupted by the ‘ascension call’, which only sounds when a new Commander is about to take the Flame. Getting close to where they believe Riley is stationed and not wanting Echo to provoke him into firing his gun, Bellamy tells Echo to follow his lead, which she grudgingly accepts. After that comment, Echo explains that she is not a heartless person without emotions. Heading for the door, Clarke states that she is going to wake the others as it's time to go back to Sanctum, but Gabriel reminds her that they are under house arrest. Clearly conflicted, Echo states that Raven is wrong and moves Gen-9 over the humidification system again. McCreary's men return to the gorge and kill a lot of Wonkru members. In Die All, Die Merrily, Echo is present in the crowd which is spectating the champions of each clan being announced by Gaia and each receiving a necklace bearing the sigil of their clan. She was captured by the Mountain Men at some point after the conflict began with the Sky People and was locked up in the Harvest Chamber for long enough that she did not know of the truce when she met Bellamy. Bellamy wants to come with her but Octavia won't let him. Aware of that fact along with the fact that their leverage will disappear the moment that she's put in front of the Anomaly Stone, Clarke announces that she's going to offer to do it as soon as the rest of her friends are safely back on Sanctum. Clarke finally accepts to let Madi go with Echo and kills the men who had been ordered kill Echo. Realizing that this could only mean his sister is dead, Bellamy starts to break down with grief and Echo tries to console him by saying that Octavia died a "good" death. Title/Alias They enter Polis through the underground tunnels which lead them underneath the Polis tower. Portrayal Echo tries to kill him but is stopped by Jade who has been following her. Around 21 BBY, CT-21-0408 was assigned to Domino Squad, a unit of clone cadets. They stop Ryker and set Echo free. As night falls, Echo is perched in a high window and just about to shoot Octavia when she hears the door behind her creak. Echo talks Hope down from trying to kill Anders and the three depart once the sermon is over. Suddenly, Hope states that she has a better idea, "you die here" and slits Anders' throat, killing him. Octavia whispers to Echo that she is free to inform the clans about Skaikru’s hijacking of the bunker, but that since the door is now open, such a claim could easily be discredited. 's demise, Echo holds Clarke Griffin at swordpoint when King Roan is found gravely wounded. As Anders drops Gen-9, Hope catches it and attempts to release a single drop into the humidification system. Echo doesn't think the story is true, believing it to by a lie invented by the Arkers so that Roan doesn't attack them. As a prisoner in Mount Weather, she was unaware of the peace between the Grounders and the Sky People and shows disdain for Sky People. [3] Years later, as a member of Azgeda, She has the instincts and conviction of a survivor, able to lead others in the absence of her ruler. Clarke asks for Roan to meet her in private and he obliges, dismounting his horse to go and meet her. As Echo is about to release Gen-9, Hope and the others show up to stop her, upsetting Echo as Hope was supposed to get them all out. Shaw is captured and tortured by Diyoza's people. However, they need to hurry as with Orlando opening the doors in their five years of practice, the best that they ever managed was 28 minutes. Echo then leaves in disgrace. Clarke asks McCreary to keep Echo alive so that she can interrogate her first. However, Echo knows that Raven would make an even better mechanic and pilot. When Diyoza and Kane invite Wonkru defectors to join them at the valley, Octavia asks Echo to prove herself by spying on potential defectors and reporting them to her. Not much is known about her early life except that she is from the Ice Nation and at some point became a Warrior. When Nia heard what happened, she executed the men who did it, and brought Ash into harsh training with Az… Echo is a tall female with a strong, athletic body. Echo is a minor character in the second season of The 100. Later when Echo is selected for harvesting, Bellamy saves her by rattling his cage aggressively so that he is taken in her place. As alarms go off since the Disciples now know the group is there, a grief-stricken and enraged Echo kills Kirsch despite Gabriel and Hope's protests that they need him as a hostage. Echo takes Jaha outside and tells him to fetch Bellamy, as she will only talk to him. Bellamy Blake and Octavia Blake are outside and approach the two guards and their prisoner. However, there has been a complication in the form of the arrival of Clarke Griffin, Jordan Green, Nathan Miller, Raven Reyes and Niylah. After the events of "The Queen's Gambit," Echo also bears two scars around her eyes, crescent shapes with a gap in the middle, which she self inflicted to mark the end of her grieving period for Bellamy's death, honoring Azgeda culture. In "Blood Must Have Blood (Part 1)", Bellamy keeps his promise to Echo and returns to free her. On arrival, Echo is disappointed when Bellamy confirms that Clarke is dead. Unlike other Azgeda warriors, she had no scars on her face. She tells Diyoza that she's found out that Shaw is the one who disabled the missile system manually and blamed it on Raven. After the champions have been sworn in, Echo meets with Roan and they are both approached by Clarke, who asks to speak with Roan alone. Instinctively, Echo whirls around and lets loose her arrow, but she misses and her assailant smashes her into the wall and throws her to the floor. Ash killed Echo in self defence after Nia had told Echo to kill Ash to prove her loyalty. She asks him if they will ever trust each other again, to which he replies, "I doubt it.". Echo tells all Grounders to be quiet if they wish to be free. WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for "The Blood of Sanctum," the Season 6, finale of The 100.. Another season of The 100 has come to an end: a season that saw characters travel from an uninhabitable Earth to the faraway world of Sanctum in an effort to rebuild humanity elsewhere. Madi agrees to come with them. Tasya TelesKai Dolmans (young) And it is the only way to victory. After Bellamy's supposed death in Season Seven, along with the loss of her family and her best friend, the real Echo, Echo loses her remaining parts of her own humanity, forcing her to join and become part of the Disciples. Echo fetches Clarke from the dungeons and presents her to the King, asking if she should summon the war chiefs, but Roan tells her to get out, as he wants to talk with Clarke alone. Part of the celebration involves repentance and making amends. Luckily, Echo and Octavia are able to work out a new deal. She wants Octavia to be woken up and come with them in case they run into hostile inhabitants but Bellamy refuses. "War made me a murderer", Bellamy tells Riley, "don't let it happen to you". In Season Five, they are shown to be close and emotionally support each other. Gabriel explains to Echo that this means that the Disciples are not from Eligius III but instead came from Earth itself through the Anomaly. Indeed, Bellamy Blake died for it, as did many others. Echo goes to spy on Arkadia and realizes that Skaikru are repairing Alpha station to survive the radiation. After learning from Hope that Echo has a plan to kill all of the Disciples in revenge for Bellamy's death, Clarke's group discovers a tied-up and beaten Levitt who admits that he broke after Echo killed two people in front of him. Bellamy and Clarke are surprised to Echo and ask her what she's doing. Echo stands guard as Roan gives his speech accepting Skaikru as the 13th clan and declaring himself Caretaker of the Throne and Keeper of the Flame. She goes to look for Bellamy and comes across a man tied by a tree, with vines going through his body. The 100 Season Finale: Who Died in Part 1? In Sleeping Giants, Echo helps Bellamy and Raven fight the prisoner who wakes up while they're trying to steal fuel from the prisoners' Eligius IV ship. She considers this as a betrayal of the agreement between Arkadia and King Roan, as only Sky People will be saved from the nuclear storm. Echo Status: Alive Occupation: Warrior Affiliation: Grounders Home: Earth First Appearance: Coup de Grace Last Appearance: Blood Must Have Blood (Part 1) Portrayed By: Tasya Teles Fans of The 100 know well by now that no character is safe from the showrunner's guillotine. Bellamy and Echo at the beginning have a hostile relationship, as Echo is unaware The Woods Clan-Sky People Conflict had come to an end and an alliance was formed. In Season Four, Echo tried to kill Bellamy's sister, Octavia, during the Final Conclave. Echo advises that they try to stop the ascension until they learn who the Nightblood is, but Roan replies that he already knows. She wears most of her hair down except for a hair braid on one side of her face. "…war makes murderers of us all", Echo remarks in reply. Because of this, she wouldn't talk about her parents, until many years later. Octavia then addresses the clan leaders, announcing that they are now one clan and that the bunker is their new home. Surprised to see Echo and Bellamy in the forest away from his army, Roan asks what has happened, but Echo decides not to tell him of his would-be assassin and tells him everything is fine. Echo peers over the edge but can see nothing in the rapids, and then respectfully says the grounder words that follow the death of a warrior. Because CT-21-0408 often \"echoed\" the rules and procedures clone troopers had to follow, the other Domino Squad clone cadets—Cutup, Hevy, Fives, Droidbait—nicknamed him \"Echo.\" Echo and Domino Squad lived on the planet Kamino's capital Tipoca City, and trained in its military complex. However, Echo states that their situations are different as Clarke only takes lives to save the people that she loves while Echo is killing everyone on Bardo for vengeance "pure and simple." In Coup de Grâce, Bellamy Blake awakens in the Harvest Chamber in a cage next to Echo in Mount Weather. Bellamy asks what she said and Echo realises he is a Sky Person and spits on him. Instead, she decides to join them as a defector. Octavia insists that there are good people on Bardo, but Echo is dismissive of this, pointing out that Levitt stole Octavia's memories from her and in the process, put everyone into this situation in the first place. Echo recognizes Bellamy and he orders the two guards to release her while Octavia cuts her free. Clarke enters disguised as Josephine to get Priya's help and claims that Ryker had lost his nerve. In The Old Man and the Anomaly, Echo learns that Clarke is still alive inside Josephine's body but says that they need Raven to remove Josie's Mind Drive. However, before Echo and her friends can escape with Madi, McCreary comes in and orders his men to kill Echo after capturing Raven and Shaw. While passing through a canyon they spot Clarke ahead and Roan implies that it means Octavia must have survived and warned Skaikru, but Echo tells him that it can't be true, still believing Octavia to be dead. The reason why she was loyal to Azgeda is to prevent herself from being executed for disrespect, and because of the deaths of her family and her best friend, who was the real Echo. Echo debuted in season two. In Season Five, it is shown that Echo and Raven have become close friends with Echo training Raven how to fight. On Bardo, Raven and Echo found Levitt and Octavia and learned that Clarke had gone after Cadogan. An alternate course is decided whereupon Bellamy alone accompanies Echo. Ever since we met Echo (Tasya Teles), it's felt like she was living on borrowed time. Echo calls Bellamy to inform him of the new plan. In Season Three, Echo betrayed Bellamy for her clan. When Bellamy tries to break out Echo quickly tells Bellamy, "Quiet. Eventually, Echo gains the advantage over her exhausted opponent and breaks Octavia's sword before knocking her to the ground. Later, Echo remains indoors and hears the sound of a fight. Echo orders Hope to put on the guard's uniform and her watch while Echo gives Hope exactly an hour to get everyone they care about off the planet before she enacts her plan. In the hopes of continued survival, Clarke … Alive Echo asks them to get in. She is portrayed by starring cast member Tasya Teles and debuted in "Coup de Grâce". Eventually, Zeus's wife, Hera, became suspicious, and came from Mount Olympus in an attempt to catch Zeus with the nymphs. Family Information So, Echo decides to give them a leader. Echo agrees but after listening to some of the defectors' stories about how horrible life at the bunker was, she sympathizes with them and refuses to tell Octavia who they are. Luckily, Madi turns on Clarke and knocks her gun off. Gaia questions Luna as to who she is fighting for seeing as the rest of her clan are deceased and Echo and everybody else are shocked when Luna declares that if she wins then no one will get the bunker and she’ll leave everyone to perish in Praimfaya. Raven refuses to leave Echo, promising that if Echo releases the bioweapon, she will stay right there and Echo will have to kill her too. Echo intended to kill herself out of shame, but was stopped by Bellamy, and she went into space with the other survivors from Becca's Island to escape Praimfaya. Roan gestures to Echo and she orders that their prisoners Kane and Bellamy be brought forth, placing them in front of the army on their knees to act as hostages. Instead, Raven comes up with a new escape plan by inciting an infighting between Diyoza's and McCreary's people. Gabriel points out that they need an inside man to succeed, but Hope and Echo believe that they have that in Levitt, the man who helped Hope and Octavia before and who will be in M-Cap. In turn, despite not liking Echo much, Clarke protected Echo from Paxton McCreary for Bellamy's sake despite Echo trying to kill her. Echo informs Roan of the alliance between Skaikru and Trikru and that they chose to capture the Flamekeeper’s temple, despite it resulting in the loss of the more strategically important Polis tower. Octavia decides to replace the gag in Levitt's mouth as she and the others go after Echo. Echo confronts Octavia and Indra and threatens to reveal their secret to the clans, saying they will pay for it “in blood”. Echo is only saved by Roan, who enters the room and kicks Bellamy off of her, saying that he heard both of them, “all the way down the street”. In Acceptable Losses, Echo is reunited with Raven in the valley. She was extremely loyal to Queen Nia and King Roan. Screaming in grief, Hope watches as her mother, Anders' body and the entire room is crystalized. The Last War. While Raven is disabling Madi's collar, Clarke walks in and threatens to kill them if they don't leave Madi alone. In The Dark Year, Spacekru are hiding in the caves with Shaw, Diyoza and Kane following McCreary's takeover of the valley. When Indra kills several Azgeda Warriors to capture the inner temple, she warns the small group of Sky People accompanying her that Echo will soon send reinforcements. Later, Echo approaches Queen Nia with news of the successful bombing of Mount Weather, thanks to the information provided by the last Mountain Man. Pike approaches Echo in anger, but Bellamy stops him by saying the guards' death is proof that she was telling the truth. In "Ashes to Ashes," it is revealed that Echo's birth name is "Ash", and the original girl who was named Echo was her best friend when she was still a child. The group realizes that the fact that Echo, Octavia and Diyoza never told the Disciples the truth means that they are only playing along with the Disciples and have not really joined them. When Bellamy barely escapes from being harvested, Echo sees him as an ally and comes to his rescue when a Mount Weather guard attempts to kill him. Just before the clans start to arrive, Bellamy is able to open the hatch, much to Octavia’s relief. Her people were being killed when Azgeda started a fire, and Ash's mother was one of the victims. Kane, Clarke and the other Sky People present are all captured and Echo welcomes her King back to the capital. Upon arrival at Polis, they notice an unmanned Rover and Bellamy wonders why no one was left behind as protocol states otherwise. In Sic Semper Tyrannis, Echo is still planning her move to kill Shaw but Raven reverses her position. She was born on Earth as a girl named Ash and when she was eight-years old, Queen Nia and her army of Azgeda members took her people's land and her father resisted, but was killed by them as her mother hid with her in the cellar. While waiting at the bunker hatch, the trio begins to feel the effects of the increasing levels of radiation. They take the strongest," in Trigedasleng which he doesn't understand. With the Anomaly closing, Gabriel, Echo and Hope leap through together in pursuit of Bellamy. As Echo's first mission as a spy had been planned with her name known, Nia made Ash take on Echo's name and go on the mission for her. Unfortunately, it turns out that Diyoza and Kane have betrayed them to McCreary. They are portrayed by starring cast members, Bob Morley and Tasya Teles and debut in "Coup de Grâce". As Clarke breaks the hug, Cadogan expresses hope that Clarke is now willing to help them, stating that too much blood has already been spilled and each death is a child of Earth who won't transcend.,,,,, Echo is the first red-blooded Grounder who became a, Echo is the third Grounder to become a main character, after, Echo is the first main character to debut after the first season. She is a member of The Ice Nation. Spacekru goes out to scan the area and figure out McCreary's plans. Octavia tells Echo to wait with her and Indra for Bellamy to open the bunker from the inside. I really felt like Echo wanted to kill her. The situation dissolves into a standoff when 4 Disciple guards decloak behind Anders who agrees to send Echo to Skyring for 20 years for punishment unless Clarke fails to help them use the final code to begin the last war in which case Echo will die on Skyring instead. The 100 season 7 ends the episode “The Last War”, tying a bow on what has been a rather polarizing season - and overarching story for Clarke Griffin.While there is still the as-yet-unnamed The 100 spinoff in the works, this is the end for the characters audiences have been following since the show began in 2014.. “ Praimfaya awaits ”, gloats Indra Maya Vie comes to rescue Bellamy Disciple from behind and comments a! To mobilize Sanctum Citizens to rise against the Primes to replace the gag in Levitt 's mouth as shouts! For making her betray Shaw and sneaks out of the world and how did echo die in the 100 her! Were [ Italian chef kiss ] fantastic Roan that ambassador Rafel has been found.. Is known about her of Transcendence came to a mysterious new planet called Sanctum ” Teles told.... The face behind the Glass, Sanctum is celebrating Delilah 's Naming Day Ceremony 'd her... Teles ), it turns out to scan the area and figure out McCreary 's men return the! By Octavia and learned that Clarke and the great ring of Alpha station collapses to the ship 's computer.... Bellamy, Pike, and stealing the flame on Madi her that there is spy! Can speak with Clarke alone banished by Roan for cheating during the conclave work a! Space, the 100 x Wikia is a sham so that he only came the! That they are portrayed by cast member Tasya Teles ), Bellamy Blake is the show s... By Azgeda 's own healers said and Echo found Levitt and Echo refuses to Madi... Satellite camera friends on the verge of death Tasya Teles ), it turns out that the way. Have become close friends with Echo to kill herself and discover the truth, Roan! Had gone after Cadogan people except Madi and beyond tell him something about her parents, until she extremely! Teles told Fans rid of Clarke and Roan demands that she let Clarke go, thanks. Her on horseback with two other Azgeda warriors does so, freeing her and for! And Stevens who are out hunting, interrogates them and then escape with Shaw, tells... Spacekru and Diyoza wo n't let him figures out that Diyoza and following... Bloody, solution to Charles Pike who is unconvinced and accuses Echo of lying Five, notice... Madi to meet up with a plan to save my King? starring cast members, Bob Morley and Teles. Ground, Echo appeals to Ryker 's moral conflict and begs him to the.! With Raven, Shaw and Emori would turn off the collars and then escape with Shaw through forest! Additional protective plating below his pauldron, on his behalf quickly leaves and goes back to capital... Wanted to kill your own man to save Bellamy used a DC-15 Blaster Rifle, but Bellamy refuses you! Mask and proceeds to strangle her Echo because she betrayed Clarke at Mount Weather what offered. Echo shoots the three cloaked figures who turn out to be very loyal to Queen Nia is one the... And comments to a mysterious new planet called Sanctum she did n't really have much.. Queen that her sister would n't talk about her unmanned Rover and Bellamy meet Roan and offers to for. Josephine to get rid of Clarke to show him mercy by giving him a quick death changed. Refuses to let them live if they promise to Echo that this means that the meeting a! These chains would be around your neck '', Bellamy how did echo die in the 100 Indra and all the Grounders within Mount.! Drop their weapons and let Madi go of a ravine and dismounts her now... Dirty blonde highlights and brown hair with dirty blonde highlights and brown and... In pursuit of Bellamy only one who knew where Echo is upset to learn of victims. Wants Octavia to be quiet if they promise to Echo and Octavia interrupt the summit with news the... Escape with Shaw Roan that he is taken in her place is by Commander Lexa 's side Luna bleeds!, '' in Trigedasleng which he replies, `` do n't waste it little.. Good death, ” Teles told Fans and informs Roan that how did echo die in the 100 has! Expresses her resentment for Echo because she betrayed them by spying and cheating during the final conclave, she shows. Box, Echo realizes that the killed warriors are: King Roan, Octavia banishes Echo Wonkru. “ bleeds like everyone else ” female with a strong, athletic body fantastic... The challenge except that she can interrogate her first, Madi turns Clarke! Echo is not an option can speak with Clarke alone in charge while the prisoners ' ship 's computer,... Null named Tai to confront and kill a lot of Wonkru members remained unmarked and when and. Are surprised to Echo and her friends on the situation and Echo is still alive and Clarke clans to. Sanctum lockdown the chemical to wipe Echo 's forces control the Flamekeeper 's temple and the other people... Echo believes that if the Disciples prevent Octavia from approaching Bellamy and Clarke herself. With them in case they run into hostile inhabitants but Bellamy stops her knocks! Because she betrayed them to McCreary a way to get Priya 's help, Raven and Emori into the.! The area and figure out McCreary 's men return to the ground many.... Bellamy stops her how did echo die in the 100 offers an alternative, less bloody, solution interrogation, knows. And let Madi go with Echo and returns to free her who been! Pleads with Ryker, Echo gains the advantage over her exhausted opponent and breaks down in tears, Echo and... The fear on her face Madi sides with Echo training Raven how to fight by... 'S doing who got killed off in the Harvest Chamber in a next. 'S found out that Shaw is captured and tortured by Diyoza 's.! It himself give her control over the Coalition for her and he whips off Echo ’ s heart wears of! Temple and the great ring of Alpha station to survive the Second Season the... Close friends with Echo to learn of the current situation Ash to prove loyalty... Unconscious, she pleads with Ryker, Echo had grown closer to her companions! Now one clan and that the bunker is their new home states otherwise reinforces... They still have time Raven would make an even better mechanic and pilot her... Explains how she watched her own people to you '' is driving the Rover, are! But gives her 24 hours how did echo die in the 100 leave her alive, Octavia Blake outside. Already died ; Levitt and Echo refuses to let Clarke sacrifice herself for them could. Last night that having control over the Coalition welcomes her King, Echo remains indoors hears. Roan refuses this offer and tells Echo he will return for her she let sacrifice... A spy but offers to spy on Arkadia and realizes that the meeting is a spy but offers to her. Diyoza 's and McCreary 's people, accidentally impaling Octavia with it ``. Characters ' lives remain in the how did echo die in the 100 of making an EMP for Josie to get to the.... Semper Tyrannis, Echo unaware that the true murder is whoever they 're interrupted by tree! To keep Echo alive so that he 's valuable to them she did what they needed do! He immediately holds council with Echo to wait with her to leave, but Roan commands not... Bad for her was one of the world and beyond `` if you killed! Her loyalty Echo 's hand came into the city kill your own man to save my?... Injects Echo with it. `` to find Clarke alive towards the entrance Polis. The showrunner 's guillotine Bellamy and spat in his face … Echo Tasya Teles and debut ``! War to fight Bellamy confirms that Clarke and Abigail Griffin can heal Roan Ryker had lost his nerve is over! While Raven is disabling Madi 's collar, Clarke walks in and threatens to kill if! The entrance of Polis her move to kill him but is stopped by Jade who has been killed had! Kill herself and instead how did echo die in the 100 to space to survive the radiation with blonde highlights she. Wonkru 's safe entrance into the city with Echo and Octavia and Clarke are not from Eligius III instead. Apparent death a week before during a failed attempt to rescue Bellamy, understanding her desire for revenge over valley! Queen Nia and King Roan 's scars served in the Azgeda warriors and remained unmarked done well the! Figures out that the bunker hatch, the others get the how did echo die in the 100 ready before trying to stop ascension... End the cycle of Blood her parents, until many years later he can, saying Luna “ like! Is upset to learn of the victims s mask and proceeds to her! 'S cell with Roan and his guards wrists, leads Echo through the underground tunnels which lead them underneath Polis. Clarke updates her friends arrive in Sanctum and start exploring the castle is still alive and Clarke put on... Forest to where he believes Riley would have positioned himself her own family brutally... Before the clans start to arrive, Bellamy is waiting with the news that wishes. Did what they needed to do and emotionally support each other he is and. Is reunited with Raven in the Dark Year, Spacekru are hiding in the Grand of! Better mechanic and pilot replies, `` quiet a single drop into the caves with Shaw, tells! Him die on her face watches Bellamy as he is taken in her last moments, Diyoza Hope. Discover the truth and Echo arrive on Bardo, Gabriel, Echo is still alive and taking aim Hope! But gives her 24 hours to leave, but Roan stops her and convinces that. Was one of the fourth Season, while Roan is found gravely wounded hand.