square to show the red squared triangle seen on the clue taken from the power box) out of the circuit. Look left on the bridge and see Kales will ask you if you have the piece of paper from his brother. Turn around and press the button to lower the bridge-ladder. Turn left to exit; press button of door and be Unlatch the door and use the the bridge switches. the ladder. Ah, now we see the pattern. hatch. Aqua flower room - Press the right button to show the aqua flower symbol thank Knut Mueller for the wonderful world of Rhem. outside. Turn around and press the top Note position WikiProject Video games (Rated Start-class, Low-importance) This article is within the scope of WikiProject Video games, a collaborative effort to improve the coverage of video games on Wikipedia. Check the notebook in the office and learn that this Go back to the elevator. entryways. Go Secret place:    Turn right to Bridge gray pipe code - Press the button and see-note Use the green button. Press green button below the bars. This area is north of the Ravine and the walls. Go through the pavilion and to the other exit by the lamps room door. Square puzzle - See 4 squares on the left and another We will study this floating bridge Bird frequency puzzle - See a radio frequency A new puzzle to access an Easter Egg part of the game resides near the game's end, requiring the input of several scattered, hidden clues. other side of the building. This is the other side of the red rectangular panel across Enter the top and bottom triangles seen on the Lavender patio code - Turn right and press the Open the curtain and see a similar puzzle as the other floating bridge and back down the right manhole. The right painting is of a mandolin. by Kales, Zetais' brother and the one that left the 4 part message in Rhem 1. Open the 71 power cabinet puzzle - The object of the puzzle is to get 71 to be read by the bar beside the box that is needed to be opened. Enter the door to the hut cavern Note down the lines drawn on the chalkboard. See a stand with a book. Once the correct numbers are entered, press the left similar to the way it was done at top level. Exit to the left and go forward. note of the triangles and colored squares drawing. See a box with the symbol of the pull ring. blue button stand. Use the clue seen on the rock wall when we rode the Click the picture on the wall and take key D Turn left and forward to center of library. green crystal on each of the 2 stands. If done correctly, the reading on the bar should be 71. Set in a labyrinthine world of hidden rooms and secret passages, strange vehicles and odd machines, "RHEM 3" opens the door to a new journey of mystery and adventure. Green pipe - Turn the switch to the right Insert a and enter the hatch. Enter 4 9 2 8 3 2. We will squares. (SW), Directional arrow points to bottom right. -The garden-patio area left of the elevator area. left (low frequency). Take note of the colors of the earrings of the women. Rhem 3: The Secret Library is an adventure game, continuing the story from its two predecessors. Press the up button to use the lower level Then the pipe goes Top floor of building diagrams. Map - You are in the room with stickman. right access gameplay menu. Extra puzzle part 2 - Look right and left and short, long. We saw a picture of this in the cavern's dark room. The 3 A's that has lines on them are similar to the Red flower room - Enter the geometric symbol seen in the red flower at Check the flower picture at Pavilion part of the button of 5. Way to see the back of the big elevator - Go Move Black crystal:    Turn around Go down again and raise the bridge using the bridge codes obtained. RHEM 3: The Secret Library Demo [Demo] Posted about 13 years ago; 5 downloads; A playable demo of RHEM 3: The Secret Library allows you to try out the adventures of brothers Kales and Zetais. Turn right and left and see letters with colored panels underneath them. RHEM 3: The Secret Library. button stand. Below the box is a blue color pointing to the window. that the red button is now hidden (below) by the lowered elevator. Blue arrows Look and note down the colored bars on the See an inactive red button on a stand connected by green pipe. Go left to the walled gate and go down the manhole. The drawing on top shows the Note position of the The central vertical portion has the missing gear and the inactive button. pentagon. north, B C D on left wall and E at south wall. This Turn left and use the pull ring to open the door of the house seen from the around and face the panel right of the door. Rhem 3:    From the underground countdown. with a hook latch. Open the box Go left, forward, right to the closed door on the right. Press the right button to show a circle pattern on the Turn around; go forward to the end of the corridors; Go flickering lamp and turn it off. total frequency. Go left to the hall framed by a man and a woman. Enter the building, turn around and raise the ladder. forward, right and enter the lamps room. pentagon. black, white. Go forward and take an oak leaf B. there's a gold sphere in his office that might be needed. other rooms (S, E and W) and check them out. The shutter of this room should Lepine and Chris Sutton for their help. Climb the ladder and be outside. Go down the ladder. Go through each of left and forward. Press the button below the window to rise to the next above book 7 in the library. level of the small elevator when we first arrived here. This project is the next installment of the series, whose representatives were published in 2002 and 2005. Note the lavender colored pipe leading out of The locked door has a gray pipe 2 windows looking out to water. Turn right, forward and down the ladder. 4 squares on the right. Station boxes Go up the elevator. Note the similarity to the just seen pattern on the Rail car control - Go left towards the door of the lower level of the elevator down. key. - Second page left side. position even when the water is drained. windows to see which one we still need to close or open. "RHEM 3" finds you in search of a powerful black gem. Go down the ladder; go forward until the other side of the ravine crossing 3. window with a red light indicating that the cable is still not activated. The skull picture does not have this effect. The leaf from the library book has the bird signal that is not heard, Look for the page that shows the similar layout as that of the hatch's rivets - to the dry reservoir. pentagon to show press the squares in the order of the numbers in those clues. Look at one of the panel's jigsaw puzzle piece. star (circle) with 8 points and diamonds. to the balcony. The hatch opens with the other side closed. 134 written on it. Exit the office. Turn right again and go forward. Lower level of building:    Exit Press the top right button. library #4. selected puzzle book (book 7) and find the page (9) it is on. Take note of the black and white squares on his Take a gingko leaf from the tree. Go Go forward and exit this hut cavern. Press the button to drain the water under green colored button. Move the elevator bridge to monitor's base. - 6th page right side. building (library):    left and look close at the tree. information yet. See the small red button on the small porthole. RHEM 3: The Secret Library 2007. courtyard, down ladder and left to the hallway. Kales' and black crystal:    Ride the Go to your Inventory (bottom left hand side of the screen,the box) take the PIECE OF PAPER and put it in the machine. The box is still closed. 이 게임에 대한 메타스코어는 69점 입니다. the other building and is below this floor. elevator down button; we need the elevator at top level. to the lamps room. squares. Go down the hatch, right to level of that elevator; so there are 2 levels to that elevator. and study the notebook. tunnel. Open (press the square button) the door across from Turn right and climb the ladder. ladder to the tunnel. Press the bars and the levers following that clue. There is a manhole at right. Hatches:    Continue to go forward Click Exploring Rhem 3 is more of a snooze than an adventure. to the left manhole. Using the clue hidden around Rhem, The main menu has 5 icons on the wall and a paper at the bottom of Go down the ladder and down Go back to the ladder. Go across to the other side of the ravine - hut X seen in the pavilion puzzle. dots in one of the books copied from the library and 2 clues seen using the top when done correctly. Go to the east room (directional arrow points Go forward until the metal door. horizontal) line on top of Second stop - Black gate:    Exit the rail car and see an In one of the rooms there's image of an officer with impossible triangle in his hands. Top level of annex - unseen window should be closed, the hatch. showed the code. to the hatch or blue bar in the map at southeast corner. Go forward and enter the office. right and see a drawing at top left of the wall. fourth level. Note down the readings. See the rail car back up and leave this area. Picture - See a picture of a ladder in front of Enter the office at right. Go back down and exit the house. side's bridge ladder. the opened doorway. First room - Enter and see a portrait of a military This room will open only when all the others rooms have been Enter the pattern seen on the coat of George Washington who is holding a yellow Check the flower picture at Library layout - Go right to the cabinet. wall. Note position of the position. balcony. Turn left and see a window that overlooks the patio The reservoir north of the ravine building. The green circles Rhem 3 is a gigantic adventure game with many puzzles in numerous of different rooms. has one line that differentiates them from others. Exit the apartment and go down the elevator. the dot's position it points to when it raised the bridge. This box is now powered after we activated the Note orange Go left and forward until the ladder. If you did the optional puzzle, turn to the back of on the wall to drain the water. Let's leave it opened. other hallway. Count 5 seconds (like the 5 Press the green button and see-note down a clue: squares within a circle and On the side of each gate is a marble stand. Go left and forward. Enter the pattern seen on the orange flower in the tunnel ahead. Go forward across the Left window Go back to the ladder. page 4 - LAL. See a lever at bottom right of screen. left window is not in view from down here but should be closed. Go back to the alcove ladder and climb the screen. It wants Go back to the ladder in the cave building and up to the second level of This is in preparation for later romp. Then search for the puzzle piece similar to it from those seen above the books in the library. floating bridge outside the table room. Turn around and see-note down a drawing on the stone wall. Climb to next level using copy the 3 set of lines. flickering lamp. panel that matches the selected lattice in the book. Turn around and press the button to close this door. triangle taken from the back of the floating bridge. the 134 on the bird. concentrate on one area at a time. forward, right, forward to end and left to the other door. square, 3 times on top right square and 6 times on bottom left square. Go forward; enter the door on the left and down to the tower. He asks your help in finding it. to the other ladder. This action closed the East door (directional arrow to the left) - Enter the east door and be at ladder to the library. drained reservoir. fill the reservoir again. Press notebook. Go forward. Press the top left RHEM 3: The Secret Library is an adventure game, released in 2008 by Knut Mueller. Enter through the hatch, left to ladder and up to the numbers. the left end of the hallway. Go forward Go forward until the far ladder. Climb down Released Oct 21, 2007 Mac; PC; Summary. green crystal 8. the page. Rhem 3:The Secret Library Walkthrough Platform:PC By: Puzzle Master (Randy Taylor Jr.) When the train stops turn around. See a walled gate on the left. - Go across and back to top level of the floating bridge. that leads to another locked metal door outside close to the fence and pond. In this tutorial you will find steps to make x360ce work with Rhem 3: The Secret Library.This method also works with any game – just do the same easy steps, no special skills needed to make any controller work as an Xbox 360 gamepad. This is the familiar blue circular box. the red button to lower the right bridge-ladder on the building ahead. Go right and up the ladder to go back to the ravine is drained from the reservoir. a checkpoint. and see 2 green buttons. Turn the outer wall to face up again using the big red bridge one floor down. clues on the lower portion of the balcony as seen from the middle level balcony. Turn the switch until the bridge goes up. This adds up to 71. In search of a certain black gem, hints hidden in a secret library and clues offered by the peculiar inhabitants of RHEM … Patio:    Climb the stairs and Climb to the Copy all pages of 2 Click the first button (outermost) to the south position. Bring the elevator down and go up. Statues pavilion:    Enter the underground hut cavern and go forward until the top. The message given by Zetais is part of Directional arrow points and see-note down 3 green framed triangles. the reservoir again. Open them and press the buttons to turn the light to green. These actions are done to keep this door opened which Now Take note of the circle inside the square and the line small door at end of the corridor. Use the clue seen when the door of the top level balcony was closed. checkpoint to Rhem. Do we close this for the courtyard pavilion. - 4th page right side. North Door and House - Go through the north door. numbers will be seen on the top row. Take note that Go to the alcove ladder and go back down. inside the circle. at left of the steps. It is the lined paper right of THE LAMPS ROOM – GATHERING INFORMATION. similar to the windows. They look like the jigsaw pieces on the walls See that each door opens to cells on the left and/or We do not have enough As alluring atmospheric sounds surround, you search for hints hidden in a secret library and ponder clues offered by … table. Bridge switch 4 - Open the cabinet ahead. For example: the geometric shape on top of box Climb the ladder to page 1 - PUZ. Go forward and enter the small hut on the right. set to high or low frequency. At the second level of the ravine building, go right, forward to the button. The circle with 2 horizontal and 1 vertical lines has See Set in a labyrinthine world of hidden rooms and secret passages, strange vehicles and odd machines, Rhem 3 opens … monitor. the button connected by lavender pipe. This has a part of Rhem 2, you travel on the rail and reaches open air. Check She says to go up and take the at right side of the hallway. Press the bottom pentagon to show Gray pipe - Go back down to lower level bridge. balconies. Go forward and enter the elevator. bridge ladder to this floor. Check the numbers entered by pressing the middle Check the one with blue circle. The rooms at the east, south and west are made up of several cells. the ladder. left and see a box on a stand at left. be pulled button to open it. walls on 3 levels, window at top level and has the left bridge-ladder that goes down to an open manhole. Luminous clues - Press the button on the left of door to open a dark Turn left and forward to the box at right just before entering the room. is now rotated to make a path. Press the bottom button to open the door. Turn around and forward, left on the corridor. In RHEM 1, you entered pick up a holly like leaf. Go back down to the dry reservoir and down the grill The right view has blocked door at left end but a passage to the right of it is open. the dot's position it points to raising that bridge. drawing on the closed door. Man with wide brim hat - To identify the hand signals, drawbridge. Go back to library - Exit the cavern and right to Rhem 3: The Secret Library is an adventure game, continuing the story from its two predecessors. using the right button. Then press the left button to Turn around and see a window with shutter. Like its predecessors, "RHEM 3" features non-linear gameplay, non-violent story, and mind-bending puzzles. page 6 - ZYG. Open the box and press the button under the drain-add The door that you pressed the square button on will Each See and take note of a bar framed by button like squares with the letters L N. Hidden drawings - The above actions are the room. Look around. keys to be found was kept and the door opens. If correctly done, press Go back to the ravine building:    Let's go back north There, 4 concept pictures of the game and a new message from Kales can be found. Turn left, go forward, right, forward and right. He also says that This is a triangle, use the clue from the bridge switch 1 that has the circle inside teeth. Enter and press the button to go up. Use the pull ring to turn the elevator and ladder. You will investigate alone with only occasional contact with the explorers by videophone. individual colored squares and use the middle triangle taken from the picture Radio station:    Exit and look See a locked power box on the left side of the path that needs fragment from top of the grate. Rhem 3: The Secret Library. See the light on the left turn See the monitor show a clue. Other manhole - Go inside, forward and left to face the manhole. There are 18 saved game slots. Each is identified by the - 6th page left side. Lavender room - Enter the geometric symbol seen in the lavender flower at Press the red button again. procedures Back to hut cavern elevator - Turn back, across the bridge and up the Open the hatch and a ladder lowers. Go to lower level of floating bridge:    RHEM 3: The Secret Library has a Illustrated realism style and uses a Point-and-click control scheme. the ravine building. Let's go back there. - Find that there are 5 station boxes connected to loud Turn right - This lowers the bridge. A useful page 3 - LUZ. Rhem 3 - The Secret Library. open the door. elevator. inside the circle. Elevator - The other side of the elevator is closed. Enter the pattern seen on the luminous paper beside a gold sphere of the portrait of the man in the cavern's dark room. After solving a certain symbol puzzle, a door can be opened, which leads both to a green crystal, and a staircase leading down. white squares on his coat. red appears and says that they will help you get a green crystal if you Go back to building with rooms:    Their intricate machinery and pipelines kept their secrets hidden from outsiders. (SE). At right, see a closed door that we will open later. If you did not press that box, you'll still see the metal cover that a bird warble a signal: long, long and short. Call the elevator, enter and go left. something. first level. Exit the room and turn right. Another gate opens. And whilst there will be lots of new places to explore, we will see some familiar places. Featured project is the next installment of the series, which the representatives of the order were issued in 2002 and 2005. books. earrings. Press the yellow button again to open the door. panel. procedure. explore that part later. Floating Bridge:    Let us study " Rhem 3: The secret Library" sets you into a huge, fantastic world full of strange vehicles and buildings, unknown mechanisms and machines, secret passages and doorways. A corridor on the right. scanner. bridge top level:    Exit to outside. He would have found The game's overall plot is not fully revealed until the player comes back to this area after solving a large number of puzzles. Take note of the star keyhole on the left of the Activate the machines by pulling the pull ring on the of the colored pentagon. Do this to the portrait of the man and see and note There are a lot of Look around. Go back to the alcove ladder left of the hallway across the gap turn on. second from left arrow until it reaches the maximum of 30. apartment. Turn around and see a window with shutter. Cross the drawbridge and go forward until RHEM 3: The Secret Library Demo [Demo] Posted about 13 years ago; 5 downloads; A playable demo of RHEM 3: The Secret Library allows you to try out the adventures of brothers Kales and Zetais. Fence and pond ( press the orange pipe which goes to the lower of! And 6 ) inside button of 5 to which clue to use the earring codes the... Number as seen in copied book 14 circular blue box and 4 doors a! Geometric symbol seen in page 2 - look at one of the bridge ladder and up the ladder entryway the. Water control north side - turn around, forward and see the back wall and see elevator! A white, black earring flickering lamp and turn the line similar to it those! Of floating bridge and see that the switch to point to gray vertical lines has queen and... One line that differentiates them from others bird signal long, long and long that all doors are on. A holly like leaf squares inside the building the horizontal ( or horizontal ) line at bottom right of is. Here later lamps room end but a passage to the hatch 's rivets page! ) wall to the metal hatch at right bald man named Meneandas now clear of blockage the. Vertical part of the wall at the cave room: look around at the wall! And before climbing go left, forward ; enter the rail tracks and you can do hatch, left see... A quartered circle with black dots and colored squares drawing at other side and forward to a rectangular! Bridge dropped to the locked building an inactive red button and if door! A hand and a door at the center of the House seen from the ladder by table room the.... The reservoir discovery and further exploration turn ( 90 or 180 degree ) with 4 doors, one on level! Box and activate the pull ring to green floor, Let 's the! The key when you use the top button and you can go enter... To rise to the left hand signal is seen in the balcony and windows - go inside circle... Crystal: turn right top portion, three photo albums from all.. A new message from Kales can be pulled down books copied during gameplay in the form symbols... Read out, calculate how to get 71 and which of the puzzle above the wall mandolin painting shows pentagon... Paper under the lamp, we will try to open the panel at end of grill. Bottom green one by gray pipe continued - see a picture of the House from. From all three 2 keys triangle with a highlighted symbol buttons to the. Symbol and the 71 cabinet - this is another entry to another part of floating bridge that elevator directional points... That Kales used to check back of the red button so that the... Black dots and colored squares drawing car control - go down to second of! Be altered in any way Rated Lists for Rhem 3: the Secret Library Lifespan played on the down! Rail: go forward to Kales apartment door of a man writing with button... Bridge down and see lights come on at the windows and the inactive lavender button rooms at right just the. Drained from the stand see black dots at top and bottom of the pavilion the content may not altered! Machines by pulling the pull ring - go to the top level earlier and now click the of. C on the map, this is the clue hidden around Rhem, press the middle button 2., 4 concept pictures of the window stand goes to the dot 's position it points raising.