Let this length be equal to x and let the length of (BC) ̅ be equal to 1. By the Isosceles Triangle Theorem, . 50 B. In the diagram of isosceles triangle KLC: , mK = 53, altitude is drawn to leg , and LA = 3. What is the value of x? In the diagram below, ^ABC is shown with AC extended through point D. If mOBCD = 6x+ 2, mOBAC = 3x+ 15, and mOABC = 2x 1, what is the value of x? D In the accompanying diagram of right triangle ABC, altitude BD divides hypotenuse AC into segments with lengths of 3 and 9. bisects ∠ABC. The vertex angle of an isosceles triangle measures 15 degrees more than one of its base angles. A centroid is the intersection of three. Now, for the given triangle to be an acute triangle, we need to follow a certain number of restrictions. In the diagram below, O is the circumcenter of Triangle ABC. If BD is a perpendicular bisector, than AB and AC must be congruent. Given: ∆ABC is isosceles. Given: ABC … In mZF= mZG? AB= AC. Consider the diagram and proof by contradiction. This question is about a special triangle called the golden triangle (in Euclidean geometry). 55 C. 65 D. 70 27. 1410 11 C. 16 D. 18 1 9 36. What is the measure of ? Isosceles Triangle → 2 equal sides. If AC extends to point D, what is mm∠B 3) m∠A =m∠C 4) m∠C