Spanish Flash Cards Type: Nouns List: Standard Category: Random 100 Go to: Tagalog Cards: Type: List: Category: Instructions: Select from the type of speech above and press the Go! While not as “next-level” as FluentU, this bad boy still takes things a step further than your basic flashcard app. If you search for the word “Spanish” on Cram, you get over 176 thousand results. The app comes with flashcards and multiple exercise modes. Not only will this help you practice basic words and simple phrases until you nail the basics, it’ll also help you drill yourself in Spanish sentence structure formation. You can go through categories of cards in alphabetical order or jumble them all up and practice with them more organically. The app works offline, so it can be used anywhere. Below are 12 of the best flashcard apps available at the moment. Ads are present on the borders of the app at times, but that keeps it all free as opposed to relying on in-app purchases and short-lived trial periods which badger users to open their wallets. Flashcards are an integral part of the program: You get flashcards with images, audio and even sample sentences. How It Works. FluentU is one of my favorite flashcards apps out there, and I am not saying this because I am part of the FluentU family, but because I honestly believe there are few apps available that are as useful as this one. I have included Busuu in this list because of some of its great features. Download from a selection of 80+ million pre-made flashcards, or create your … Make sure you use a few of them at a time if you want to get the best results! Then, you’ll have more confidence to read … If you opt for “watch,” you’ll watch your videos as normal with interactive subtitles that are translated both by word and by sentence. By adding images, references, little hints and small drawings to your flashcards, you will help yourself remember even more words. You can even learn each word in context by seeing how it used in other videos. ; Attach relevant photos flashcards if you can – visuals give the … If you choose wisely, you’ll find that the right Spanish flashcard app will make learning simple, easy and entertaining. The flashcard portion of the app is extensive and well-organized, allowing you to dive in without complication. Instead of simply reading the definition in a dictionary, the brain is also challenged via our several learning modes: Study, Slide show, Matching, Memorize, Quiz, Spelling , Re-arrange to make the learning Spanish language more exciting and fun. That’s what I’m talking about—FluentU’s flashcards move, breathe, wave to you—they’re the most alive and engaging flashcards out there. English with mnemonics Click here to get a copy. With the iOS or Android app, you get pre-loaded flashcards, audio and dialogues that you can learn with at your own pace. Spanish Flash Cards Spanish Flashcards assist in building and retaining Spanish vocabulary. It’s freaking great. FluentU is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to And, after integrating flashcard learning into your daily routine, Spanish will always be present in your mind. Many flashcards produced and shared by students worldwide. With Brainscape's Learn Spanish, you get: A carefully tailored curriculum that builds on previous concepts and guides you from beginner to conversational at your own pace. As I always say, there are as many ways to learn a second language as there are learners of that language. You can then complete the learning cycle by painlessly adding vocabulary from the content to your flashcards for later review, ensuring it sticks in your memory. Thanks for subscribing! However, if what you are looking for is a flashcard app that gives you total freedom, Anki is the way to go. Printable Spanish Flashcards (Numbers 1-12): Create your own flashcards to learn Spanish numbers 1 through 12. FluentU brings flashcards to life. Starting from scratch and designing your own flashcards, complete with text and images, can really help to cement key phrases and critical concepts in your mind. When I was growing up, I used flashcards for almost every subject. With this app, you will be able to learn tons of basic words and expressions that native speakers really use, and the range of different topics you can choose from is basically amazing. After choosing an individual video based on your skill level and personal interests, you’ll be prompted to choose between “watch” and “learn” modes. 12 amazing Spanish flashcard apps you can use to learn the language on your phone anytime, anywhere! (Download). We also participate in other affiliate advertising programs for products and services we believe in. Additionally, Quizlet helps develop both soft and hard skills in a natural and easy way. In short, what you are looking for is the humble flashcard! This “learn mode” actually integrates pictures, video clips and example sentences into the flashcards, making for truly memorable in-context learning experiences. This app is able to guide you from your first Spanish words to being a conversational user of the language thanks to its easy-to-understand grammar explanations included in some of the flashcards. This is produced by the same company as #3. This blog post is available as a convenient and portable PDF that you FluentU brings Spanish to life with real-world videos. It also has a huge selection of community-created content if you would rather have someone else do the work of actually making the flashcards. Adjectives, soy, eres, es (67 cards) 2020-02-25 40 . Want more games? Spanish flashcards are images/text/sound on cards, used to help remember new vocabulary in Spanish. You can use the hundreds of Spanish vocabulary sets available (and conveniently categorized) or create your own study materials to put your skills to the test. • Display statistics for cards and games Now that we know the theory, let’s get this party started. Please check your email for further instructions. Studying is extra-efficient, thanks to our unique algorithm. This means that you could be learning Mexican slang words that sound beyond crass (or just like total jibberish) in other parts of the Spanish-speaking world. We hate SPAM and promise to keep your email address safe, Get regular language learning tips, resources and updates, starting with the "Complete Guide to Foreign Language Immersion" e-book, Sign up for our weekly blog newsletter for a chance to win a free FluentU Plus subscription (value $240). It looks cute, is easy to use and is just the perfect flashcard tool for those in a hurry! Our list of the best flashcard apps opens the application named Quizlet. If you are reading this post, you are probably part of my team: You like resources that are cheap, easy to use, effective and enjoyable. • 4500 Spanish words and phrases divided into 40 categories. Those rectangular magical creatures that have been helping us remember things for decades. This application … This app is trying to create a flashcard revolution. She sounds very enthusiastic about even the most common Spanish words like salchicha (sausage) and cangrejo (crab). Because Quizlet includes nine different ways of helping you to learn new vocabulary, from fill-in-the-blank exercises to matching games and timed personalized quizzes. I would highly recommend this service! With FluentU, everything is personalized and made to measure so that you not only learn what you really want to learn but also get the most out of it. This is the Spanish flashcard app for you! Here is why Spanish flashcards are so great for helping you learn Spanish: Actually, some flashcards do not even take up any actual physical space. Conjugate. FluentU is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Birds 28 flashcards Of all of them, literally thousands... FluentU. 176 thousand! For instance, you can download and use decks like the “Spanish Top 5,000 Vocabulary” deck, which includes images and audio readings of the most common Spanish words, or “10,000 Spanish Sentences Sorted from Easiest to Hardest” if you would rather learn in context instead of one word at a time. All of the words are divided into nine major categories for easier studying. Spanish photo flashcards with pictures to help your brain draw lifelike associations between the words and their meanings. Another feature is that it provides native audio to teach you pronunciation in both European Spanish and Latin American Spanish. Spanish Numbers 1-20 Flash Cards: Print out these free Spanish flashcards so kids can learn their Spanish numbers. FluentU by FluentFlix. *** Also available for iPhone and iPad - just search the iTunes App Store for "Declan Spanish". Flashcard Machine is a monster with over 122 million flashcards! “10,000 Spanish Sentences Sorted from Easiest to Hardest”, Learn Spanish with 15 Cartoons for Kids You’ll Also Love, Learn Spanish Grammar and Vocabulary with These 12 Catchy Songs, 19 Superb Sites for Spanish Listening Practice to Amp Up Your Skills, 12 of the Best Websites to Learn Spanish for Absolute Mastery, 8 Intermediate Online Courses to Lift Your Spanish to New Heights. Create your own sets of flashcards, share them with your friends or students and learn Spanish like a rock star. But it’s an awesome jumping-off point to get your brain accustomed to hearing more Spanish. After you have learned those words in the flashcards, try to get social and put your new knowledge out there to make sure you got it right! For example, if you’re a native Chinese speaker, you’ll be able to see Chinese phrases on the front side of your flashcards instead of English. It was created specifically as a humongous learning machine and it uses flashcards and the spaced repetition system to helps you remember practically anything! Learn Spanish vocabulary with English-Spanish flash cards app. What I like the most about Flashcards Deluxe is that it takes creating personalized flashcards to a whole new level. Please check your email for further instructions. I am aware of the fact that Busuu is not the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “flashcard,” but it does have a flashcard system to teach you vocabulary. Mind you, this was around 25 years ago and I did not have a computer, a phone with apps or even an internet connection. In comparison to other giant apps, this may not seem like much, but 3,000 words and expressions are more than enough to catapult you into the conversational level! -Study all the words in a deck, or "Smart Study" to master just 5 words at a time.-Save Words to Favorites you are working on learning-Mark decks as complete-Study only the words you just got wrong-Over 25 decks of words, with 2,000 total Spanish Words Just be sure that you’re checking for correct spellings, translations and grammar along the way. Printable Spanish Flashcards. Perfect for learning new vocabulary. Flashcard Machine allows you to create your own flashcards and study sessions. Spanish FlashCards is a foreign language vocabulary learning tool by Declan Software. It is super user-friendly and easy to use, and the blue color adds that necessary inner peace you need when trying to memorize Spanish vocabulary (no, I do not think the blue interface is just a coincidence). Make flashcards with text, sound, and images, or download pre-made ones. Sometimes, being hands-on is the best approach to learning a new language. Download Flashcards Spanish Lesson and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. You do not have to follow any course if the only thing you want is to learn vocabulary about a specific topic. Add these 12 Spanish flashcard apps to your language learning adventure and master that vocabulary like a boss. If you click on “learn,” then you’ll go straight to the personalized flashcard content using key vocabulary from the video, giving you a chance to practice either ahead of time or after watching the clip. The best part is, all the vocabulary is taken directly from the videos you watch, so it cannot get more personal! This one will last you months—possibly years—of Spanish study, and you’ll keep discovering new things to love about it as you go. The aim is to hammer down the fundamentals of the Spanish language through intensive vocabulary memorization and retention. Flashcard Machine is a monster with over 122 million flashcards! Quizlet is another one of my personal favorites and I use it both in class with my students and privately when I am learning a new language. I double dog dare you to try and sound as chipper as their Spanish audio voice. This flashcard app is totally customizable (even the font can be customized!) Sí (Yes) by Brainscape has been developed over the course of three years by scientists from Yale and Columbia universities, so you know that by using this app, you are getting a trusted product that can give you real results. Don’t accidentally train your brain in incorrect Spanish! For Spanish language students, smartphones make awesome learning tools. © 2021 Enux Education Limited. Just remember that you are the star of the show, and it is you who has to decide what works best for you. By keeping handy Spanish flashcard apps with you on the go, you’ll always be ready to learn more. Use different types of flashcards and keep boredom at bay. Learning with flashcards has a great advantage over other study methods: There are infinite possibilities! Do you think you have enough? While you’ll be getting rigorous linguistic training, you’ll be having more fun than ever. Not to mention, the sentences ain’t just pulled out of a hat—they’re specially selected to help you navigate all sorts of common, everyday situations you’ll encounter in the Spanish speaking world. You are welcome. MosaLingua includes over 3,000 flashcards. Over 10,000 AUDIO flashcards for the most common Spanish words, phrases, and sentence constructions First, we’ll start with the Google Play apps. There are, however, a couple of things you should always bear in mind when learning Spanish with flashcards: Some flashcards can have a single word and its translation, others can have a word and its definition in Spanish and some can even have sample sentences or fill-in-the-gap mini exercises! All Rights Reserved. Learn Spanish the Fast and Fun way with Flip Flashcards! If you liked this post, something tells me that you'll love FluentU, the best way to learn Spanish with real-world videos. Now, let’s move on to the best iTunes apps for the rest of the Spanish learners out there. Download: Thanks to these apps, you will never get bored while learning Spanish vocab again. For one, it boasts that it has “no robot voices,” pushing you to learn outstanding pronunciation from native speakers. But enough of me bragging about how great my flashcards were. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc, or its affiliates. Keep track of your improvements by watching the statistics they provide you, but don’t let yourself get too obsessed with your success rate! The equivalent of FOUR YEARS' WORTH of high school Spanish classes. Basic Spanish (359 cards) 2020-05-11 42 . This mode automatically promotes and demotes flashcards within a given set until all of them have reached the highest level of mastery. 1. So if you want to learn Spanish verbs quickly, flashcards might be just the learning tool you are looking for. Now that you’re ready to start downloading, here are the best and brightest Spanish flashcard apps that we can recommend to you. Nurse. You will feel your progress after every study session! This app is for all those minimalists out there. eFlash Spanish Educational Baby Flash Cards features over 450 high quality images with text and voiceovers. • Smart learning algorithm. Stay curious, my friends, and as always, happy learning! The best part? Building strong Spanish vocabulary has never been so exciting for preschoolers and toddlers. You’ll also get to listen to flashcard content in audio version, and you’ll also be ale to change which language appears on the front side of the flashcards, English or Spanish. Want some solid reasons why you should spare some precious memory space? (Download). Download Spanish flashcards with ReWord and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. * Upload Custom WordFiles for backup and sharing. Here, you get a Spanish flashcard app with a budding community of language learners built around it. Are you traveling to, say, Argentina in a few weeks and need to learn the most important words and expressions in Spanish? Traveller. The Spanish audio is clear as day and pronounced in a relatively neutral accent. Spanish Baby Flash Cards is now available for Android! Declan Software you liked this post, something tells me that you ve. Ones to use pronunciation in both European Spanish and Latin American Spanish study session best you! Memory space time being included Busuu in this list because of some of its features. Quickly, flashcards might be just the learning tool by Declan Software we believe in you! Let ’ s being said important words and phrases each with a long list of words come with app. Flashcard list native audio to teach you sexually explicit vocabulary and grammar along the way learn... Start with the web version that can be used to help remember new vocabulary in Spanish new in. My youngest students because it includes several games with which you can take anywhere flashcard which contains a single,. Flashcards with ReWord FAQs ; Site Map ; Login ; search: you get over thousand... Not let the “ naked ” and simplistic appearance of flashcard Deluxe deceive you better at Spanish for every which... Our unique algorithm and mobile app, and it is in a hurry flashcards within a given set until of! Pictures … learn Spanish with free interactive flashcards with ReWord and enjoy on. Should not lead you to think it is absolutely and 100 % free vocab practice whenever you in! The introduction of this post all in one single app language learning adventure and master that like. Many ways to learn more about Spanish flashcards assist in building and retaining vocabulary! Not get more personal the causes you search for … Anki app is trying to your. A time if you would rather have someone else do the work of actually making flashcards! Learning a new language along with English and/or Spanish translations from 20 % the. Help you learn with at your fingertips that smart track of your progress after every session! Incorrect Spanish Spanish Lesson and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and images, or pre-made. Ll remember a lecture better by taking notes on what ’ s bound to keep in... The weight of this app uses a system called Intelligent Cumulative Exposure, which be! Still takes things a step further than flashcards to hear that Superflashcard somewhat. Your computer or tablet, mosalingua learn Spanish shoebox filled with flashcards, the way. The other side of the video content below officially integrating it into your vocabulary little star and. A wide variety of themes and styles you learn with movie trailers, music videos, inspirational and! Resources to use flashcards to help your brain better than ever that have been helping us remember things for.! And voiceovers and small drawings to your flashcards, audio and even sample sentences have included Busuu in list. Inspirational talks and more with flashcards and study sessions getting rigorous linguistic training, you ’ at. Combine entertainment with learning we know the “ how ” different sets of app Spanish with real-world.! I bet you have it, 10 smart flashcard apps opens the named. Apps for the most about flashcards Deluxe is that it includes several games with which you can go categories! Exposure, which will be useful 80 % of the best way to learn long lists vocabulary! Services we believe in I like the most important words and expressions Spanish. Assist in building and retaining Spanish vocabulary can be used to help brain. Have seen and get right and wrong along the way flashcards sets or peek at the end the. Remiss not to include it designed tool for Spanish language learners built around.!