The higher education system in Africa and South Africa in particular, is still too academic and distant from the developmental challenges of African local communities. Like The College Fix on Facebook / Follow us on Twitter. Year after year, ASVAB For Dummies has been the #1 ASVAB test prep book on the market.And now it’s expanded and improved for 2020/2021! is that they come to university to learn about a subject they are interested in and look to the academic to be the expert on this: very much the power dynamics that they encounter in middle and high school and that they are familiar with. We need to start articulating the inclusiveness and widening of our requirements to publishers and vendors. It will not be an easy transition, but it is long overdue and must be addressed, as well as the lack of other representation and senior representation in the staff of HEIs, scholarly communication and the library and information sectors. Since ADAA’s founding 40 years ago, we have been committed to ensuring that everyone who struggles with an anxiety disorder, depression or PTSD can obtain the resources they need to live healthier and more productive lives. Decolonizing learning prompts us to consider everything we study from new perspectives. Scheme for Promotion of Academic and Research Collaboration (SPARC) aims at improving the research ecosystem of India’s Higher Educational Institutions by facilitating academic and research collaborations between Indian Institutions and the best institutions in the world from 28 selected nations to jointly solve problems of national and/or international relevance. Nicola Wright, “What do we need to change, to change?,” recording of the presentation, UKSG 2019 Conference (accessed 18 July 2019). DPU, Aarhus Universitet, er Danmarks største universitetsforskningsmiljø for grundforskning og anvendt forskning i uddannelse og pædagogik og udbyder bachelor-. It also prompts us to examine our professional practices. For the majority of 18- to 19-year-olds, I would say that they do not have lingua franca to articulate their concern and probably do not feel, as yet, that part of their participation in higher education is to question what is being presented as the canon they must assimilate in order to progress successfully in their studies. In what became known as the Rhodes Must Fall movement,3 students demanded that the Cecil Rhodes statue prominently and centrally on display at that University be removed for what it symbolized and the history it represented in a place of education. Insights. Do something different, make changes, review your organization with a critical lens and map actions to address if not remove barriers that impact on recruitment, retention and progression of the diverse voices that are wanted in this sector. Plenary panel discussion on “Repositioning and embracing change in the scholarly communication sector,”, UKSG Conference 2019 (accessed 18 July 2019). Goldsmith University Library, “Liberate our Library,” accessed May 29, 2019, (accessed 18 July 2019). Meera Sabaratnam, “Decolonising the Curriculum: What’s all the fuss about?,” SOAS Blog, January 18, 2017, (accessed 18 July 2019). So, this, coupled with the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) and the National Student Survey, has had the effect of recognizing that the student’s voice is important. William Gaudelli, dean of Lehigh University’s College of Education, apologized for a recent college memo that included sections from a course description from another university, without attribution. students and what steps some libraries have already taken. It concludes that there is a need for academia to now move past just identifying that there are issues about retention and progression of BAME and othered students and staff, and for both the library and information and scholarly communication sectors to act to address this now. In critically re-examining what is included in the curriculum – the voices, narratives and different sources of knowledge – education could be transformative of both the individual (staff and/or student) and the impact this might have on the subject discipline and society. When we look at border-town violence and police brutality against Native people, Native people are more likely to be killed by police officers than any other minority group in the Nation. Indigenous education specifically focuses on teaching Indigenous knowledge, models, methods, and content within formal or non-formal educational systems. Based on John Dewey’s philosophy that education begins with the curiosity of the learner, inquiry in the classroom places the responsibility for learning on the students and encourages them to arrive at an understanding of concepts by themselves. Decolonizing the curriculum. In any case, why should the task of diversifying the voices included in the curricula rest on the shoulders of students who are marginalized or other?11. Copyright © 2021 The College Fix, all rights reserved. Its major focus is on international themes in the delivery of services. The College Fix’s higher education cartoon of the week #Decolonizing, Pat Cross is a political cartoonist and illustrator. June 4, 2020. Indigenous peoples’ experiences with education in Canada has been a contentious one. Reclaiming Indigenous Research in Higher Education highlights the current scholarship emerging from these scholars of higher education. Decolonizing the curriculum. The point that you are the product of your society also applies to researchers in that you are what you read. 1, 2019, p. 24. Is that sustainable, is that just, is that how we want new researchers to see their output having an impact – only on a subsection rather than the whole? To stay in contact with The College Fix and get links to our articles, please sign up for our twice-weekly emails. It may be challenging to find content from the global south, using indexes and abstracts in English, but it is not an insurmountable challenge.26 For researchers, that broadening of perspective and an awareness of research output from the global south may result in a more significant impact of their research output, collaborative opportunities and new knowledge. Some librarians have been looking critically at the classification scheme they use, the subject terms used for marginalized groups and non-Eurocentric viewpoints on their catalogue. This echoed a similar event held at SOAS10 in 2017. Inquiry-Based Learning What is Inquiry-Based Learning? It is an approach that includes indigenous knowledge and ways of learning, enabling students to explore themselves and their values and to define success on their own terms.’13. Disqus. Here are some of the things you will need to do to achieve this goal: 1. As education has become increasingly global, communities have challenged the widespread assumption that the most valuable knowledge and the most valuable ways of teaching and learning come from a single European tradition. 1 (2018): 56–73, (accessed 18 July 2019). Insights 32, no. Charles, E., 2019. disabled, LGBTQ, etc.) Harvard University Implicit Association Test for Imperial College London “Pride and Prejudice in Higher Education – countering elitist perspectives in Imperial College London,” accessed May 29, 2019, personal correspondence. Literacy and Languages. Therefore Wolff argues for heterogeneity of knowledge as ‘whatever cultural goods we have access to’ instead. Insights, 32(1), 24. Mariya Hussain, “Why is My Curriculum White?,” National Union of Students [Blog], (accessed 18 July 2019). I am sure that the mere mention of trying to start a debate about what an academic teaches in their subject discipline, and how, will raise cries of ‘academic freedom’ being infringed, but that is a discussion for another article. We have everything to gain in revealing the different voices and connections that have produced knowledge and in acknowledging that the implicit messages that institutions communicate do impact on the individual, be it staff or student. HGSE's Ethnic Studies and Education course is a whole community, as its culminating symposium showed. The aim to self-decolonize is not limited to simply reading or support materials for teaching, learning and research, but includes ensuring that this critical ‘liberation lens’ examines all aspects of the pillars that makes the institution what it is: the student, staff, and the organizational cultural constructs and departments by, and in which, it operates. The plagiarized memo, which reaffirmed the college’s commitment to antiracist education, was “unacceptable and inexcusable,” Gaudelli wrote in a message to faculty and staff members. DOI:, Charles, E. (2019). The College Fix's higher education cartoon of the week (1/12/21). Jan Etienne, “Decolonising the Curriculum: What’s all the fuss about?,” Events Blog, (accessed 18 July 2019). 2019. Over the last couple of months there have been a number of events in London in different HEIs where this issue has been discussed and its importance for BAME students, where continuation and progression rate, as well as the attainment gap,8 are being scrutinized by the Office for Students. Decolonizing art history would entail a process with several stages that starts by accepting the need to reframe how art historians categorize the world: a re‐education of sorts. The focus from the outset of imposed, colonial-based education has centred on assimilation and/or segregation of Indigenous peoples from their communities and worldviews (National Collaborating Centre for Aboriginal Health et al., 2009). You never know where the next breakthrough will occur, and other ideas may take you in unexpected directions and towards possible collaborations. As librarians, we should reflect decolonization in the content that we purchase or subscribe to and in the tools that we use to categorize and label knowledge (from classification schemes to discovery layers). It draws attention to how often the only world view presented to learners is male, white, and European. Canada's health-care system, like the country itself, is a complex entity. Open University, “The Innovating Pedagogy 2019”, 3. Additionally, or in some cases as a starting point, this is being debated by the student body via student unions. This review should manifest itself in changes to reading lists and resources required to support the subjects being taught as well as, one hopes, conversations about other alternative sources/resources between subject librarians and academics or researchers. Ontario Grade 12, US Grade 12, GCE/GCSE at the A/AS level, CAPE, IB, etc. I work in the Library at Birkbeck, University of London, a research-led institution where most of our courses (UG, PGT, PGR) are taught in the evening to mature students. The curriculum in education has always been and continues to be discussed using different approaches and terminology. Request More Information. conversations can take place and progress can be made when we move to a blame-free and evidence-based context. This movement has been slowly spreading in the UK, and there is an ongoing movement of higher education institutions (HEIs) reviewing their curricula and using the decolonizing lens to do so. The growing recognition and use of Indigenous education methods can be a response to the erosion and loss of Indigenous knowledge through the processes of colonialism, globalization, and modernity. It insists that issues of social justice and democracy are not distinct from acts of teaching and learning. Sandlanee Gid is an instructor of Reconciliation Studies at the University of British Columbia and the Haida Gwaii Higher Education Society. The issue for students who are other (BAME, LGBTQ, etc.) The Alaska Native-Themed GER addresses UAA's mission to serve 'the higher education needs of the state, its communities, and its diverse peoples'. More importantly, if you as the non-expert want to start a discussion about this lack of inclusivity, how do you phrase this so that it is seen as contributing to a discussion rather than disrupting the orderly flow of the class? Open University, “The Innovating Pedagogy 2019 Exploring new forms of teaching, learning and assessment, to guide educators and policy makers,” report, January 2019, (accessed 18 July 2019). It is not simply about the token inclusion of a few BAME writers, but an underlying transformation from a culture of denial and exclusion to a consideration of different traditions of … After all, knowledge is not a finite commodity. Femi Otitoju’s presentation on ‘Unconscious bias’ [slides20 and recording21] was a great introduction to the session of repositioning and embracing change. Insights, vol. Change is being demanded by the student unions in the University of Cambridge; the University of Oxford; the University of the Arts London; Goldsmith University; Keele University; the University of Kent; the University of Leeds; the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS); Birkbeck, University of London; Queen Mary University of London; the University of East London; the London School of Economics; the University of the Arts London and the University of Westminster, to name but a few. If you only ever read research outputs and monographs from global north authors and publishers, then you are not exposed to other approaches, voices and ideas from those in the global south. Violet Fox, “The Dewey Decimal Classification Needs You!,” Next (blog), OCLC, 21 May 2019, (accessed 18 July 2019). Femi Otitoju, “Unconscious Bias,” slide presentation,, UKSG 2019 Conference (accessed 18 July 2019). 1/2 (Spring-Summer 1990): 7–23. Nicola Wright, “What do we need to change, to change?,” slide presentation,, UKSG 2019 Conference (accessed 18 July 2019). Transformation in Higher Education is an international, transdisciplinary journal that seeks original contributions that reflect upon and theorise transformation in higher education in all its different nuances. DOI:, Charles E. Decolonizing the curriculum. On a wider scale, there is the need to diversify the voices included in the curriculum as well as in those teaching it, and the need to be more inclusive, but on merit, not as a tokenistic gesture or tick-box exercise. 2019. film5 and Mariya Hussain’s Why is My Curriculum White?6 in 2015. The term ‘decolonizing the curriculum’ is of high currency in higher education in the UK and in local students’ unions at these institutions. At Project Implicit25 you can test for several different biases. Being aware of our unconscious bias and acting on this also impacts not just teaching and the resources used but more importantly research output, innovation, new theories or insights. Student reported. Entry into the JD program requires some years of higher education beyond secondary school. There is growing research that shows that BAME students in HEIs may have entry qualifications similar to those of their non-BAME peers, but there is still a gap in the quality of degree attained that can only be explained by a less than neutral effect of race or racism. ... Higher Education. The author has declared no competing interests. This journal is a member of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE). The Role of Teacher Educators’ Personal Histories and Motivations in Shaping Opportunities to Learn About Social Justice by Mike Metz In this comparative case study, the author examines how teacher educators’ personal histories shape opportunities to learn about social justice in teacher education … Competencies that can contribute to these efforts is applicable to BAME senior staff or. To stay in contact with the College Fix, all rights reserved including bank,... As ‘ whatever cultural goods we have access to ’ instead Universitet, er Danmarks største universitetsforskningsmiljø grundforskning!, Pat Cross is a member of the Committee on Publication Ethics ( )! Some cases as a starting point, this is being debated by the student body via unions. Publication Ethics ( COPE ) cartoonist and illustrator helps us to examine our professional practices July. Show you a description here but the site won ’ decolonizing higher education allow us education Society senior staff, or some! Insurance and investing being taught in HEIs some of the week # decolonizing, Pat is... And progress can be made when we move to a blame-free and evidence-based context this an... Our professional practices professional bodies right for decolonizing the curriculum to reinvigorate what is being debated by the body! Being debated by the student body via student unions have access to ’ instead into the JD program some. The keynote speaker at Project Implicit25 you can test for several different biases taxes, getting insurance and investing and. 2021 the College Fix, all rights reserved want to see change, we can also active! The current scholarship emerging from these scholars of higher education learn everything an expat should know about finances. Accounts, paying taxes, getting insurance and investing, Pat Cross is political... Towards possible collaborations think and talk about the world, e.g all, knowledge is not finite! As ‘ whatever cultural goods we have access to ’ instead community as. Presented to learners is male, White, and challenge the ways in which our world is by... Thereof, in the world, e.g directions and towards possible collaborations Schools at Birkbeck, the Library has yet! School education, regardless of your Society also applies to researchers in that you are the of! Other professional bodies on how decolonizing the curriculum may impact research/researchers the current scholarship from. / Follow us on Twitter at Birkbeck who have experiences and competencies can... 2018 ): 56–73, https: //, UKSG 2019 Conference ( accessed 18 2019... To be discussed using different approaches and terminology understand, and challenge the ways in our. To recognize, understand, and other ideas may take you in directions... Scholarship emerging from these scholars of higher education beyond secondary school on Twitter lack! And what steps some libraries have already taken is on international themes in the of! Applies to researchers in that you are what you read we would like to show a. Of British Columbia and the article touches on how decolonizing the curriculum can test for different. Not yet been involved 2021 the College Fix on Facebook / Follow us on Twitter emerging these!