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7-Up Cake and the Creaming Method

Buffy asks: I want to bake a 7-up cake but it comes out dense and/or heavy, yuk! This recipe doesn’t call for baking power or baking soda!. So could I use 1 tsp baking powder ?

Baking S.O.S. says: Interesting challenge!

I have never baked a 7-Up cake before, so I wasn’t sure what ingredients […]

How Chemical Leaving Agents Work (the difference between baking soda and baking powder)

Ruby asks: I am working on a science project that determines if you add baking soda in a cupcake recipe that calls for baking powder, will it make a difference, and I cant remember which cupcakes I put baking soda/powder in!! Any suggestions to help me determine which is which? Please answer ASAP!!!!

Baking S.O.S. […]

Why Does the Top Crust Separate from my Pound Cake?

Wanda asks: I have used a pound cake recipe, handed down from my grandmother, for years without any problems. Lately the crust has separated and crumbled from the rest of the cake. I use 6 egg whites that are whipped to soft peaks, then folded into the cake batter. I initially thought that I was […]

How to be sure a Pound Cake bakes thoroughly

Toney asks: I have a question about baking a cake, a pound cake in this instance. I have baked pound cake for the pass 30 years and have never had this problem before. My cakes will not bake all the way through. I have had my stove checked and they found nothing wrong. I have […]

How to Keep Cakes Fresh? Freezing is the Best Solution

Rowena asks: I’m a cake decorator more than a baker – but because I’m also a cook – I can get particular about the taste and the texture of my baked goods. I have collected some pretty good recipes for cakes and cupcakes – taste wise but am challenged with the texture. When I have […]

What Makes a Cake Moist & Substituting Yogurt in a Cake Recipe

“Sassy Suzanne” asks: How do you insure a moist cake or cupcake? Is it the oil or butter? When can you switch to yogurt? is it interchangeable? Also, when adding fresh fruit – How do you determine the amount? I was concerned about the rise and moisture of the end product.

Baking S.O.S. says: Thank […]

Why does a cake sink as it cools?

Linda says: Help!! I have been baking for over 40 years. Lately, my cakes are sinking in the middle. In the oven, the cakes rise great. I do not open the door until timer goes off. Then I check cakes for doneness with a tester. The center comes out clean. I proceed to take cake […]

Pastry Cream and Fresh Fruit Trifle recipes from the Country Living Fair 2011 Demonstration

Baking S.O.S. was invited by the organizers of the Country Living Magazine Fair to do a baking demonstration during their 2011 Fair in Columbus, Ohio. I was scheduled to speak just before several TV show personalities, so I felt a little like a celebrity myself as I gave my demo to an over-flowing audience of […]

Dense Strawberry Cupcakes: How to Aid Leavening

JoAnne asks: I used the following recipe to make Strawberry Cupcakes. Followed directions and measured the ingredients. The cupcakes look great BUT were very dense and dry. I took them out of the oven right when the toothpick came out clean which was after 21 minutes. I’m using an oven I have never used before […]

Large wedding cake turns brown & dry

Marcie asks: I recently baked a wedding cake from a scratch vanilla cake recipe I’ve used a million times. It always turns out a light yellow color. Normally I bake an 8×3 or 10×3 round using this recipe and it comes out fine but this time I baked a 14×3 round 2/3 full and it […]