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My pie crust is too crumbly

Judy asks: My pie crust is too crumbly to form into a ball of dough. What should I do?

BakingSOS says: Your pie crust is too dry. It may also be too warm. The fat (usually vegetable shortening) needs to be cold. Take some ice water and sprinkle in a few drops of water at a time until your dough is moist enough to form into a ball. After forming the dough, it is also a good idea to chill it in the refrigerator for about 15 minutes before you roll it out. (To do so, flatten the dough into a disk and wrap it in plastic wrap.) Chilling the dough gives it time to “rest,” which will, in turn, make it easier to roll out.

10 comments to My pie crust is too crumbly

  • patty jo moore

    i have attempted a hot milk cake recipe 4 times. everytime the end result is a heavy dense horrible tasting cake. any suggestions are welcome

  • Hi Patty Jo- I have had problems with one of my favorite cake recipes turning out heavy, dense, and even RUBBERY, too. It’s very frustrating, isn’t it? I finally solved the problem by adding more leavening to the recipe to make the cake batter rise more. In the case of my cake recipe, it calls for only baking soda. I added baking powder, and now my cake rises perfectly every time.

    Here’s the science that makes it work: baking soda is a “base.” It needs and “acid” ingredient in order to start the chemical reaction that makes it work, such as buttermilk, cocoa powder, lemon or orange juice, etc. If you add too MUCH baking soda, though, it will make your cake taste bitter. So if you need your cake to rise more, do NOT add more baking soda than is called for in the recipe. Instead, add baking powder, which contains both base AND acid leaveners. This will help your cake rise without making it taste bitter.

    How much baking powder should you add? As a general rule, there should be 1 tsp. of baking powder or 1/4 tsp. of baking soda for every 1 C. of flour in the recipe. So take a look at your original recipe, see how much baking soda or baking powder it calls for per each cup of flour, and then add some additional baking powder as necessary to see if your cake will rise better.

    Good luck!

  • i have attempted a hot milk cake recipe 4 times.

  • it’s so good , i like it

  • I’m thinking on: baking powder & baking soda is the same? Good recipe

  • Baking powder and baking soda are 2 different ingredients, so they cannot be substituted for one another. Always use whichever one is called for in the recipe.

  • you should not put it into the oven too long, cause it makes the crust dry and crumbly.

  • Hi Judy! One of the reasons why your pie crust is too crumbly is that it lacks enough liquid (it could be milk, water or oil) during your mixture. Try to sprinkle enough cold water on your dough then roll it out again. This will do the trick!

  • It must be moist.you can use oil for that purpose.we indian’s use oil for all this kind of purpose

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